5 Reasons Not To Book A Hotel Directly Or With Third Party OTA

There are different views regarding the best way possible to book for accommodations. Some would recommend that you book directly with your chosen hotel or resort, and would even say that you must prevent making reservations with 3rd party online travel agencies. Well, we agree with those thoughts. We personally think that you don’t get the best deal when you reserve rooms through travel agencies on the internet. But we also don’t reckon that you must book directly with hotels. Here are some reasons why you should forget about booking directly with hotels.


5 Reasons Not To Book A Hotel Directly

No Hotel Loyalty Points When Booking With Online Travel Agencies

Frequent travelers and hotel goers truly love earning points whenever they make a stay at their favorite hotels. If you are worried that you will lose the chance to earn points when booking through other means, then stop the anxiety. You could still earn loyalty points whenever you book with Virtuoso. Some of the privilege earning programs you could enjoy with this option includes the Starwood Preferred Guest Starpoints and the Hyatt Points. This feature is definitely not available with other online travel agencies such as Booking.com and Expedia.


Booking Directly With Hotels Keep You Away From Benefits

How do you think will you ever receive a Virtuoso benefit or other preferred partner benefits when you book directly with hotels? Do you know that you can actually accrue some wonderful privileges and credits when you consider getting the services of luxury travel advisors?

How does this work? Partner hotels or Virtuoso-member hotels provide meaningful benefits to luxury travel agencies for the number of bookings they made annually. Do you think you could ever match the amount that they bring to their partner hotels? That’s highly doubtful so better ride on the privileges that these luxury travel agencies get.

But if you still have some dilemma concerning our suggestion and would rather use your Amex Centurion or Amex Platinum for benefits, you could still do so. But know that Four Seasons Preferred Partner would give you greater privileges like having a higher priority for getting an upgrade to the next room category. Apart from getting such benefits, you could even have a chance to earn three points for every dollar that you spend when you use a Chase Sapphire Preferred card.


Four Seasons Preferred Partners Get Upgrade Priority

What we love the most about the Four Seasons Preferred Partner benefits is the priority that is given to us whenever we want to upgrade our hotel room category to a higher one. This is also given to those who book via the TravelSort luxury travel agency. That’s why it is totally worth it to simply switch to Four Seasons Preferred Partner from AMEX FHR booking because you don’t get this amazing privilege with other programs.

Still, you have to be careful when choosing the travel agency because you have to know those FSPP agencies that have an Advisor ID because these companies are the ones that will be given priority by partner hotels. You could contact us if you want to enjoy the privileges of booking with the FSPP Advisor ID in order to increase the possibility of upgrading to a higher room category.


You Can Lose Benefits When Rates Suddenly Change

There could be instances when hotel rates could suddenly rise or drop because of certain events scheduled in your destination country or when certain phenomena make travels at their peak levels. What if you suddenly get faced with such situation? There are hotels that would even ask you to cancel or rebook just to enjoy the benefits. But will that still be beneficial to you when the existing rate would be a lot higher than the previous rate? I don’t think so.


Count On Travel Agencies Or Your Luxury Travel Advisor For Problems Along The Journey

Have you ever had a bad experience during any of your travels? Surely, most of us have been disappointed by a staff forgetting about our requests, a receptionist failing to give us a certain room that we prefer, and other things. During these times, it would be so frustrating to keep on talking to the hotel manager or the hotel staff.

What is extremely great when you book with any of the partner luxury travel agencies is that they will take care of your woes. They are always available for customer support and they shall handle fixing whatever needs to be fixed for your entire stay to be as stress-free as possible. You will not get this wonderful assistance when you book directly with hotels or when you make reservations through online travel agencies.

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