Hong Kong Layover Guide: Things To Do During Hong Kong (HKG) Layover

The Hong Kong International Airport (HKG) is only 25 mi from the center of the city and is very easy to visit for those stuck in the city while flying. Don’t forget to take a look at Asia Hollywood located in the 2nd Terminal. You can see the interactive center that describes the local industry of film. Also try out I-Sports, also in the Terminal 2. You can play sport simulations for basketball, Boxing, Golf, skiing, soccer, shooting, and car racing.

If coming in late, The Regal Airport Hotel is right next to the Airport’s first terminal. In addition, there’s a lot of hotels near by. When the layover is long and you want to visit Hong Kong, the best ways to get into the city are taxis and Airport Express. It is clean, on time, as well as efficient. You can go directly from the airport to the city center and take buses to get to the rest of town. The train leaves every 12 mins. For a schedule go here.


What To Do During A Layover In Hong Kong:

City Tours

There are many different types of tour to take of the city. You can take food tours, walking tours, night tours, see Chinese medicine, and more.


Take the Ferry

From the central train station, you can jump on the ferry headed for TST. Here you can get some more views of the city. In addition, you can take a stroll on Nathan Road. Here there are a lot of opportunities for food and shopping.


The Highest Point

You can jump on Airport Express for downtown Hong Kong and from there jump in a mini bus which will take you to Peak Tram which you can then take to The Peak. It’s the highest point in the city and from here you can get a good look of the city and its harbor. It is a good place to get some great pictures.


Tian Tan

The place also known as the Big Buddha is actually located near the airport. However, since taxis are expensive to get to it, the best bet is public transportation. However, it can take a lot of time, so only try it if you have a lot of time on your layover. Take the MTR for Tung Chung. From there take the NLB 2 and NLB 23 the rest of the way.


City Center

The center business area of the city has a lot of big buildings and places to shop. It really gives you the feeling of the big city. To get there, make sure to jump off at Hong Kong exit on Airport Express. It will drop you off at IFC. Here you can ride mid level escalator. It is the world’s longest outdoor covered escalator. By taking it, you will go through the city center and pass many places to eat as well as go to some of the residential parts of the city.


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