8 Best Things To Do In Honduras

Situated in the middle of Central America is a country named Honduras. Honduras is a lively nation with amazing people and has genuine cultural heritage. Honduras may not be as popular as the other countries in Latin America, but it has extensive tourist spots which can be explored and enjoyed. There’s lots of great things to do in Honduras. One of these is their coral reef which is considered as the Second Largest Coral Reef in the World. This admirable country has clear blue-green waters, fine sand beaches, historic national parks, naturally diverse rainforests, breathtaking mountains, and well-preserved Mayan ruins. Below are some of the magnificent tourist spots that you can visit and some of the best things to see in Honduras.


Best Things To Do In Honduras


Comayagua is known for its architectural wonder that was brought about by the influence of the Spanish colonial era. Its ancient buildings, plazas, and worship centers all offer a window to the past of Honduras. Their masterful creations and designs are worthy to be photographed and kept as memories. This is one of the best things to see in Honduras. It is during Holy Week or Semana Santa that you should visit because it is during this season when Comayagua has fervent religious activities and unique celebrations. The Comayagua Cathedral’s Famous Old Clock is one of the main attractions that you have to witness.



Roatan is located just over 48 kilometers from the north coast of the Honduran mainland. It is said to be the biggest of the Bay Islands and is popularly recognized for its exciting scuba diving opportunities that can be done during both daytime and nighttime. A lot of scuba divers are attracted to this place because of the amazing seawalls and mysterious marine vessel wrecks. The reef is so beautiful that the snorkelers love exploring the world under the vast aquatic space. If you are lucky enough, you could witness cute sea turtles and marine mammals during your visit. This is one of the best things to do in Honduras. What’s more interesting is that you can also see blue crabs climbing up the trees to eat fruits during specific seasons. Wildlife such as iguanas and primates do live on this tropical island. Going to the eastern part of the French Harbor will bring you to a heavenly refuge for more than a thousand of iguanas.


Cayos Cochinos

A small archipelago that you can find on the Northern Coast of Honduras is the Cayos Cochinos. This archipelago is composed of Cochino Grande and Cochino Paqueno which are both ecologically rich in flora and fauna. There are also 11 coral cays that are grouped along the other two islands. Although the cays are nearer to the coast rather than Roatan, Utila, and Guanaja, they are said to be the hardest to reach.  You can only arrive at the cays by riding a boat. Cayos Cochino is geographically part of the Meso-American Barrier Reef System which is considered to be the next largest barrier system in the world. Because of its inherent beauty and natural diversity the Smithsonian Institute, the World Bank, and other key institutions have asserted the need for the Barrier Reef to be preserved. This is a very fun thing to do in Honduras.



Utila is said be the smallest of the Bay Islands. Despite being small, it is considered as a true heaven for divers. It is actually one of the highly acclaimed diving spots in the Caribbean and also one of the most affordable places to get a PADI certification. Lots of marine life love to stay here particularly because of its clean waters and diverse natural wonders. Utila seems to be a true paradise for giant whale sharks and other marine creatures.


Copan Ruinas

If you want to explore an archeologically rich part of Honduras, then you have to go to the Copan Ruinas. Its history can be traced from A.D. 426 to A.D. 820. The Ruins of Copan is one of most significant sites in the Mayan Civilization and the world history at large. The Ruins have not been excavated until the 1800s. According to research, the citadel started to be abandoned in the 10th Century. This historical area plays a significant role in the appreciation of cultural development. It was where archeologists found the complete pieces of ancient hieroglyphs. This is a great thing to see in Honduras.



If you want to be educated about the traditional way of life in Honduras, then you have to visit Tegucigalpa. This place features a historic village that opens a window to how the nationals were living in the past. This beautiful area used to be inhabited by pirates but now serves as a favorite travel destination of both locals and foreigners. Tourists from all over the world appreciate the territory’s magnificent landscapes, pristine beaches, natural mangrove swamps, rich rainforests, and coastal lagoons. It also boasts of natural diversity and animal wonders such as marine mammals, crocodiles, and various bird species.



Lake Yojoa

Another impressive destination in Honduras is Lake Yojoa. This geographical wonder came about because of a historic volcanic eruption in the past. Surrounding it are the amazingly beautiful mountains of Santa Barbara and Cerro Asul. The astonishing glory of the place causes more and more people to include the mountains in their own travel bucket lists. This is a great outdoor activity to do in Honduras. The place is best for trekking adventures, laid-back bird-watching activities, and mysterious ruin explorations. Because of its marvelous beauty, it was labeled as a World Interest Wetland Zone in 2005 by the United Nations.


Pico Bonito Park

Looking for outdoor activities? Pico Bonito is the best place to be in Honduras. Here, you can go to the rainforest and enjoy sightseeing. You can also go kayaking or go whitewater rafting along Rio Cangrejal. You will also get a chance to take a sight of a keel-billed toucan and the uniquely white-faced monkey at the River Zacate.



More Information About Honduras:

  • If you are a fan of Banana Republic products, then you have to know that it pertains to the country of Honduras. It was O. Henry, an American writer, who coined the term.
  • Do not be surprised if you see blue-eyed and blonde-haired locals. Their presence is proof of how the British pirates have come to the country 5 centuries ago.
  • Honduras celebrates Festival de Lluvia de Peces annually. It is in remembrance of a mysterious event when fish were said to have fallen from the heavens.
  • Honduras is home to one of the most dangerous airports in the world. The danger was particularly because of its runway’s location along the mountainous region.
  • Coconuts abound in Honduras. Do not be surprised to be served different dishes with coconut as the main ingredient.
  • You could find the Bay Island on the 2nd largest world coral reef.

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