Molokai Abandoned Hotels

If you think that there is only one hotel in Molokai, then you are definitely mistaken. You will be surprised to know that Molokai was actually home to other properties that have been visited long ago by tourists. In the middle of a vast expanse of lush greeneries and serene seawater, something will amaze you, especially some of them are abandoned Molokai hotels.


Abandoned Molokai Hotels

You could get awestruck by the seeming beauty of Kaluakoi Resort during its best days. It was built in the middle of the 1970s and was known commercially as the Sheraton Molokai Hotel. Despite the achievement in its infrastructure, a lot of misfortunes hit the business. It was sold from one owner to another due to economic problems and corporate chaos of Molokai abandoned hotels. The thirty years of difficulty that was experienced by the resort was also intensified by public protest against the presence of the hotel in the area and the lack of water supply.

There are, however, still some parts of the resort that can be seen today. The private villas have been bought by investors and they have managed to keep the properties looking good. The hotel building, although abandoned and dilapidated, still has manicured lawns surrounding it.

Well, the closure of the hotel does not seem to be permanent of the Molokai hotels abandoned. There are rumors that the hotel will soon be reopened for the public to enjoy. We just have no idea when it would be because until now, the hotel building looks scary and mysterious. But if you are fond of capturing interesting photos, then you have to make sure that you visit this hidden resort.

Get your lenses ready to capture the architectural wonder of the abandoned Molokai building. Do not worry about unwanted creatures because there are still households surrounding the Molokai abandoned hotel.

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