Honolulu Layover Guide: Layover In Honolulu, Hawaii

Are you thinking about what you can do during a layover at the Honolulu International Airport (HNL)? There’s actually no need of worrying about the possibility of enjoying a Hawaii layover because the country is among the most promising places to be when stuck in a long layover. The airport can be found only four miles away from Honolulu. With the proximity of the city center, there are surely great destinations to visit during your layover.

Once you arrive at the airport, you could get on trying different things on the premises to get off the jetlag and also to entertain yourself. You must not miss visiting the Space Museum which can be found at the Main Terminal Building. If ever you need some work-related stuff, you could visit the central lobby where you can purchase pens, folders, and other materials. You could also get telephone and fax services, document photocopying services, and more.

In case that you are planning to tour the city, know that there are no available luggage storage options in the airport. You could perhaps just ask the airline company if they could keep your bags during the layover tour.

There are different transportation options for those who would like to travel around Honolulu. The airport has a shuttle service that is available at all hours of the day. You could go from the Honolulu International Airport to Waikiki and vice versa at the most convenient means possible. If you are on for an adventure, you may also reserve an island tour at this contact number: 808-275-6633.


Honolulu Layover – Things You Must Try

Visit The Diamond Head Volcano

Are you ready for a great adventure? Do you want to personally witness how a volcano’s crater actually looks like up close? Then you must trek the Diamond Head Volcano in order to see its magnificently stunning crater. Make sure that your hiking gears and imaging devices are with you because the sight will prove to be breathless. You can get more details about the tourist attraction here.


Swim At Waikiki Beach

Isn’t Waikiki Beach among the most beloved beaches in the world? It wouldn’t have been popular for nothing. Make sure that you visit the Waikiki Beach during your layover. It would be such a majestic experience to witness the stunning sight of the Diamond Head Volcano. It would also be more than refreshing to have a swim in the pristine waters. Don’t also forget to try classic Hawaiian cuisines.


A Tour Of Honolulu

Consider having a layover at Hawaii as a positive thing. There are so many things to enjoy in Honolulu such as a beach escapade, night cruise, bicycle adventure, and city exploration, among others.


Get A Surfing Lesson

A visit to Hawaii wouldn’t be complete without enjoying the aquatic treasurers it has. We suggest that you visit Fire Surf School in order to have a personal experience of the Hawaii waves. They have professional instructors who offer training on various levels of surfing. The company has packages that you could choose from. These packages already include transportation and training fee. The cost of surfing lessons for adults is around 180 USD while that for children is around 130 USD.


Hike Towards Manoa Falls

If you have a few more hours to enjoy in Honolulu, we suggest that you try a hike going up to Manoa Falls. Seeing the majestic view from 150 feet above ground and staring at the water falling down would surely make you appreciate the wonder of nature. Just make sure that you are wearing the right shoes and are guided in order to prevent any kind of injury during the hike.


Travel Back In Time At Pearl Harbor

If you are curious about the history of Hawaii and its role in World War II, then you have to visit Pearl Harbor. It would be soulful to realize how wars can damage the lives of people. Make sure that you check out the USS Arizona Memorial which can be toured every single day of the week from as early as 7:30 am until as late as 5:00 pm. You may contact 808-541-2693 for more details.


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