Hawaii Big Island Trip With Infant/Baby: All Your Questions Answered

The dream vacation island is no other than Hawaii! Yes, probably a lot of people would definitely agree with me. It is an ultimate paradise getaway where most couple would like to spend their romantic dream vacation.

But once you have kids in Hawaii with you, although you also want to let you babies and little ones enjoy same things you enjoyed in Hawaii but are not sure of it Hawaii is baby proof and baby-friendly island resort. That is a big dilemma, right?

No worries, we will guide you through how you can manage your little kids in Hawaii while you are in vacation with your whole family especially the little ones.


Hawaii Big Island Trip With Baby/Infant:

What to prepare when traveling to Hawaii with a baby?

Since prior vacation experience is a head start for you to travel in Hawaii, to take a vacation with a baby is no fuss. Well, not really. But just a little bit extra help and preparedness is needed.

  • Make sure baby already interacts with the things around him/her.
  • Provide legal documents needed
  • If you needed to bring extra help (like nanny),travel with one
  • Pack all necessary things your baby needed like milk, food, clothes, more extra clothes, nappies, carriers, medicines and vitamins, wipes(all other baby needs), security toys, books, and other entertainment stuff
  • Make hotel, transportation and other activities reservations ahead of time (there are hotels in Hawaii that provide baby friendly amenities and environment, just check online and book in advance)
  • Security stuffs like extra floaters (but still you need to attend to your kids 24/7), monitoring gear and apps (like GPS tracking bands, for peace of mind), and name / contact tags is also important


Soon, they will grow and you will definitely miss spending time with them. So do it while you have a chance now, while they are young. Let this be a great fun adventure with them. Make memories!


Is it safe to travel babies with you in a tropical area?

Yes, it is. Unless there is disease outbreak, or violence – you should not. Even for adults it will be dangerous to travel. But Hawaii is such a haven and peaceful place for tourists and there have been no record of spread of contaminating, or spreading of deadly disease. Yes, Hawaii Island is safe and secured place to bring our young ones.


How young should I let my kids travel out on long vacation?

Well, if you are used to traveling often whether on local vacation tour or cross country visits, you already are prepared to answer this question.

As long as your babies have complete protective vaccines, and you are able to handle the schedule for their potty and feeding time – you can bring your baby with you in Hawaii! But of course if you are living from different country, you need to obtain passport and visa to travel. Pass through series of local and international guidelines in bringing minors, and you are good to go.

I know a couple brought their baby as young as 6 months, but they had to bring a nanny with them. Otherwise, 10 months or above is most ideal because you can now handle their mood and feeding time. And they can already respond to interactions and their environment, that is a perfect age.


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