Guatemala Mayan Ruins That You Must See

There is always something quite intriguing about ancient ruins, specifically if you’re visiting them while traveling them and experience the complete and utter juxtaposition between modernity and the ancient. Guatemala is blessed with over 1,500 ruins from the Mayan era that reflect the history and that era so perfectly. If you’re going to be visiting Guatemala, here are the top four must visit ruins there.


Guatemala Mayan Ruins That You Must See


This is one of those classic Mayan sites and the third largest as well. The site of Yaxha indulges in a deep and rich history. It’s extremely huge compared to other Mayan sites and has also been perfectly restored as well. The history is still unknown but you could tell from the plazas and the streets that the urban planning that went into this is quite well-designed. You’ll also find a few palaces, and the infamous ceremonial ball. What you need to check however is Structure 216 which boasts gorgeous views and panoramic vistas after you climb the structure.


Things you need to check out:

  • North Acropolis.
  • Maler Group
  • Plaza F with its astronomical observatory.
  • The small museum.




Quirigua village is different from what you’d expect. You go to look for Mayan ruins and expect to see some pyramids, but you end up finding structures even more interesting. From stelas and structures that have been there for well over 1,300 years – Quirigua boasts stone carvings and more. It’s actually thought that the people of Quirigua migrated from Tikkal and settled there and uninhabited the place in 400 B.C.


What you need to see there:

– Stela D. This is the most famous stela of them all, and due to the fact that it was toppled on the floor, the carvings and the architecture of it remained intact. The story of Stela D’s King K’ak’s depiction is that he defeated the city of Cpan.

  • The Acropolis.
  • The places where previous city rulers used to sleep.



The ruins of Zaculeu are located in the west side of Huehuetenango and is still considered one of the most important ruins there is in Guatemala. It was the capital of the Mam people who were known for their tribes and for being one of the most important tribes in Guatemala back then.

Zaculeu was actually home to the elite people back then and what makes this city so different than the others is the fact that they have used different white stone to build the whole structure


What you can see:

  • Huge temples.
  • Sprawling plazas.
  • The infamous ball court.
  • Delve in the intoxicating atmosphere of the ruins blended with the nature around.
  • Have a picnic!
  • Get great views from structure number 6.
  • Check out the museum where you can see some techniques taken straight from the times of the Mayans – from the burial techniques to the interesting ceramics.



Finally, we introduce to you Tikal. The most famous Mayan ruin in Guatemala. renowned UNESCO World Heritage site and much more. It would be a shame if you did not visit Tikal. Dating back to 200 A.D, Tikal boasts hundreds of thousands of structures with hundreds of pyramids that have not yet been uncovered. Make sure to check out the famous of all temples – 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. The awe-inspiring place is perched deep into the lush jungle, so get ready to feel like you’re in a movie!

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