4 Best Mayan Ruins In Guatemala That You Must Visit

Exploring some ruins, discovering unique wonders of the earth, and learning more about the world are truly precious journeys for anyone who is adventurous. If you are among those whose excitement never stops and whose curiosities are endless, then you have to visit the Mayan Ruins in Guatemala. It is said that there are more than a hundred ruins in the place, but not everything has been discovered yet. In the meantime, you could first explore the four best maya ruins in Guatemala for to pacify your burning curiosity.


Best Mayan Ruins In Guatemala


Tikal is the most famous part of every Mayan travel in Guatemala. It is considered as the soul of the Mayan Civilization. The Tikal Ruins is actually part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Going to this place will make you appreciate the beauty of both the natural and the artificial. You will be impressed by the gigantic area which is filled with historical and cultural richness. You have to know that the Tikal started to be established in 200 AD during the classical period of the Mayan Civilization. Records and accounts have hypothesized that Mayans left Tikal because of a severe drought that plagued the place before. They migrated to neighboring areas where there is enough water supply to address their survival needs. This is the best mayan ruins in Guatemala.



You could find the Zaculeo Ruins in the city of Huehuetenango. Despite being unpopular, this city boasts of truly interesting and fantastic historical places. It is located at the West of Guatemala and can be reached by driving more than an hour from Mexico.

Based on archaeological records, the Zaculeo Ruins formed part of the Mam Kingdom from 250 AD to 600 AD. This white city, being the capital of the place, has been the center of the kingdom’s civilization. Tourists and locals who travel to this place never fail to be stunned by the white city. Know that the place when translated into English actually means white stone. Thus, it would be extremely unfathomable how these precious stones have been used to create a fantastic structure during such early ages.

To get the best view of the place, I personally suggest that you go to Structure 6. You will have to climb the structure, but it would present to you breathtaking views to satisfy your Mayan dreams.



If you are an avid fan of the Survivor series, you are probably well aware of this place. The Yaxha Ruins have been exposed to the general television audience more than a decade ago. Since then, it has been a popular destination among nature explorers and travel enthusiasts for checking out Guatemala mayan ruins. You may reach the ruins by traveling through the Guatemala-Belize border. The environmental beauty of the place will surely capture your heart and your deepest interests.



Do you think of Mayan ruins in Guatemala as pure pyramids? Then you could definitely be wrong in having that conception. The Quirigua Ruins prove that there is more to the Mayan Civilization than pyramids. You will discover the beauty that the Quirigua Ruins offers. The stone carvings will definitely prove not just breathtaking but also dream-fulfilling. These stone carvings have actually gone through a lot historically. It was built over a thousand years ago and was recorded to have been constructed by the early inhabitants of the pre-classical age of the Mayan Civilization. You can find the Quirigua Ruins at the South East of Guatemala. You may reach the place by driving from Honduras to Guatemala.

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