When’s The Best Time To Visit Greece In 2018/2019

When visiting the Greek Islands and its beaches come to your mind as when’s the best time to visit Greece? The best time falls in the late month of May and early month of October. It is when the weather is great and have little rain chances. Warmer weather temperature usually happens in the midst of July, August, and September where swimming is best time to go to Greece.

For those who want to spend a vacation in Greece with the best nightlife and partying, it would work best for travel to Greece in August but it could also be the busiest month to deal with. April and November are best for Crete and Santorini while from March to June offers the best Athens. Athens is good for September to November too.


Travel Seasons In Greece

High Season: High season in the beautiful Greece happens in the middle of June all the way through mid-September. Summer months are the time where the biggest crowds drive in causing the prices to accelerate. High and sweltering heat can be experienced. The good thing is that it brings the best transportation deals, nightlife, resorts and other attractions.

Shoulder Season: Traveling in Greece on April to mid-June and around mid-September to October is pleasantly good. Late spring and an early autumn season are the best to come over here where you can find good hotel rates, lesser tourists, and great weather condition. Almost all attractions, flights and ferry services are wide open.

Low Season: Low season typically happens from November to March in which winter in Greece is fairly mild and no freezing temperature to feel. Skiing and mountain climbing can be done mostly anywhere. Airfares and hotel rates are at lower prices. However, not all attractions, hotels, ferry services and restaurants may be open in this season.


Greece And Greek Islands – The Best Time To Visit

Greece: Good weather conditions in Greece and the Greek Islands start from the late May to early October. It is where everyone can experience warm, sunny and cool sea temperature. Swimming is ideal but water becomes the warmest when August and early September takes in.

Athens: Athens is the heart of Greece and is also a great tourist destination. The best time to visit the place is when the spring and fall come around. It is when good weather awaits you with smaller crowds and active atmosphere. There are fewer tourists during winter as well. During summer, the temperature is hot but can also be the best time to go out.

Greek Islands: If you want to go sun-tanning, swimming or just embracing the fresh breeze in the beach, visit Greek Islands during late May up to the early October to experience its amazing beauty. Head also there from April to early November for hiking, sightseeing or simply exploring opportunities.


Beaches: The best time to go swimming on the best beaches in Greece would ideally be from July to September. September is typically the month to opt for that because it’s the time when the tourists return home opening a wide door to those who are just coming in. Enjoy hanging out in beaches with pleasantly warm summer-sun environment anywhere in Greece.

Honeymoon: Greece is one of the most admired honeymoon destinations. Months from June to September are the best time for beach holidays. April to November is another one if you opt for a kind of solitude, sweet romance and fun sightseeing anywhere you want.

Mountain Hiking: Mountain hiking is a wonderful leisure. If you’re heading to Greece in the month of April and May then you could have hiking in there. You could see colorful wildflowers, green landscapes and you could also smell fresh breeze around. Weather condition all through those months is perfectly ideal for hiking. Also, bring your shoes in Greece when the month of October turns in. This is when the autumn foliage brings out the beauty of the mountain.

Nightlife and Parties: If you want to make nights more memorable, turn to places like Los, Paros, Santorini, and Mykonos so you can dance, have fun and relax. July and August are the months you could experience night-out best. June and September could also be the best months for Mykonos in which clubs and discos stand almost anywhere. May to October for Santorini as well as clubs and seaside resorts are at its peak.

Sailing: Longing for Greece’s sailing season? Watch for the months of April through November, and also the months of April to June. April, May and June months allow you to have the chances of exploring the islands at a lower price. That’s the best time also to see blooming flowers, lush and greens. To sail with no much people rushing the road, take a visit in October. September is considered to be the end of peak season.

Saving Money: The best time to save money in hotels would be during the low season. The low season typically starts from December to March while shoulder season falls in the months of April, May, October, and November. Good weather with cheap hotels can also be experienced perhaps in the late months of May, September and early months of June and October. Other things like food, drinks, and transportation may remain as usual but at least you can save more money than going out in the summer months.

Sightseeing: Going to places in Greece where your interest sets in is just around April to mid-May and also from October to early November. These months offer the best sightseeing because there would only be fewer tourists roaming around offering a quieter scenery as you walk down the beautiful views and islands of the country. Swimming is not really good as the water is too cool.

Is August a Really Good Time? Many folks ask that simply because many folks get their experiences best that month. Frankly speaking, August would surely be a good time and also a busy time. You can get a short walk away from crowds anyway. Packed bars, live DJing, and other exciting nighttime adventures are there especially in places like Mykonos, Santorini, Los, and Rhodes.



The Greek Islands – When And Where To Go

  • When: In January, the Greek Islands have cool weather with gray skies; rainy season.
  • Where: The best place to visit would be Crete and Santorini.


  • When: In February, the weather condition of the Greek Islands seems the same as the month of January.
  • Where: Crete and Santorini is also the best spot to enjoy the day with.


  • When: In March, raining comes in moderation. You could experience some gray cool days so don’t forget to bring warmers. There are times the sun shines in the Greek Islands too.
  • Where: The best places to go off are Rhodes, Santorini and of course, Crete.


  • When: In April, you could experience warm sunny days normally but there could also be little chances of raining.
  • Where: Corfu, Naxos, Crete, Rhodes, Santorini, and Paros are the best places to visit.


  • When: In May, the Greek Islands offers a good chance for swimming as the weather turns warm and sunny but there are also little chances of raining.
  • Where: Spend your day best in Mykonos, Crete, Kos, Corfu, Santorini, Paros and Naxos during this month.


  • When: In June, rain is not almost coming in the Greek Islands.
  • Where: Any places you want.


  • When: In July, all Greek Islands have the best weather to offer just like what the June has – hot and sunny, and there’s almost no rain. You can still lurk everywhere but this time more people are coming. It could be a busier month.
  • Where: All Greek Islands


  • When: In August, you’re going to have wonderful days in the Greek Islands. There is a good weather condition: hot and sunny.
  • Where: All places are worth the visit but it can also be busy.


  • When: In September, all islands in Greece are also fantastic. It’s sunny and there are almost no chances of raining.
  • Where: All islands


  • When: In October, little rain can be experienced but it is also a good month for beach relaxing.
  • Where: You can visit Corfu, Rhodes, Crete, Santorini, Kos, Paros, Naxos and Mykonos throughout the month.


  • When: In November, there is a moderate rain in the Greek Islands. Weather conditions include little gray cool days and some sunny days.
  • Where: Paros, Crete, Naxos, Rhodes, and Santorini are the best way to go.


  • When: In December, the Greek Islands could have plenty of rain falling around. It could be a cool month but a great month for cool lovers.
  • Where: Crete and Santorini would be the best.

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