Best Time To Visit Santorini In 2018/2019

Santorini is a very popular destination for people visiting Greece. In addition to your standard tourists, it’s home to lots of cruise ships in the summer months. Below we have a guide on the best time to visit Santorini in 2018.


Best Time To Visit Santorini In 2018

A great time to visit Santorini is during springtime and early number when the weather is sunny and some rain can also be expected. If you want to enjoy the nightlife, sunbathing or swimming you are advised to travel in the months of June, July, August or September. March to June or September to November are perhaps the best months for visiting Santorini.


Ideal Time For Island Hopping In Santorini:

Santorini has a long drawn travel season as compared to other Greek islands because beaches are not the only attraction out here. The extended travel season makes it convenient for you to utilize the months of March, April, early May, late October, and November are best time for going to Santorini. However, you are advised to be aware that some of the other islands are likely to be subdued during the period mentioned and therefore if you are interested in viewing the other islands your best option would be between the months of mid-May and mid-October.


Optimum Time For Sightseeing In Santorini:

If you are planning a visit to Santorini for touring, landscapes, wineries, and food you will not need the harsh temperatures but will be able to management warm and temperate weather. Therefore you will find the months of late March, April, May, October, and November the most convenient for traversing the island. You will find the weather still warm by northern European standards but you should also be prepared for some rain and ensure that you pack some warm weather.


Best Time For A Beach Holiday In Santorini:

Santorini has its hottest weather between the months of June and September when it is shining and hot and the water is ideal for a swim. For those not liking the hear, this is the worst time to go to Santorini. During the summer months, the water temperature heats up and is at its warmest in the months of August and September. Although it is possible to indulge in swimming in early May or late October the activity cannot be assured.


Genuine Time For Saving Some Money:

Hotels are generally inexpensive during the losses and [November to March] as well as the shoulder season which is between April, May and October as compared to the months in summer. Prices for tours, food, and transportation generally do not tend to differ by seasons. If you are looking for great weather but cheap accommodation you should be considering late may, early June, late September or early October because they are the best times to go to Santorini. However, despite not being able to provide any guarantees we can confirm that the initial three weeks of October have the potential to spring a surprise on visitors with exceptional weather.


Santorini Winters:

The popularity of traveling to Santorini during winter is increasing significantly every year. If you are visiting Santorini from northern Europe you are likely to find nice moderate weather with cloudless skies, some rain as well as cloud cover. The weather will be ideal for walking, shooting photographs, touring and exploring. Quite a few people prefer visiting during the months that are calm in order to benefit from the caldera or Sunset view just for themselves. Ensure that you pack some warm clothes such as a sweater, pants as well as a light rain jacket but be prepared for surprises because you may find yourself in shorts for more than half the days of your trip.

In 2018 it is anticipated there will be approximately 150 hotels which will be operating throughout the year as compared to just 20 or 30 that were operating during the winter just three or four years ago. Quite a few are present to open in the principal towns of Fira and Oia along with a few bars. However, you won’t be able to visit any clubs because they shut operations in October. The weather in the winter seems warmer and brighter than it did a decade ago but nevertheless, it makes sense to be prepared for a surprise as it can be the best time to go to Santorini.


High Season In Santorini Starting From Late June To Early September:

The weather from late June to early September is warm and sunny with plenty of people around but not as much to take the fun out of the visit. The prices are at their highest during the high season when the water in the sea is also at its warmest and great for swimming. Fairies and flights operate with the highest frequency and if you are in Greece for the nightlife this is the optimum period for the visit.


Shoulder Season In Santorini From May/June And September/October:

The weather in Santorini during these months is great being bright and warm but not blazing like in the summer. The tourists are still present but Santorini isn’t ordered. The ferries are operating are operating on all their routes because nothing is closed. However, the sea may not be convenient for swimming in May and October because the water could be chilly.


Low Season In Santorini From November To April:

The popularity of Santorini is increasing significantly during the winter months. This can be a great time for some sightseeing and be saving money but you are advised to be prepared for the unexpected with the weather. You are likely to find gray skies, good weather, and some showers during the winter at any time. Hotels and restaurants generally used to remain closed but have decided to continue operating even during the winter because of the increased interest being shown by tourists. Fira is the most efficient place to stay during the off-season because it is always open. You can confront difficulties with the schedules of fairies and flights which are limited but you will have access to at least a single ferry a day and seven flights taking off to an from Athens.

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