Athens Layover Guide: Things To Do During Layover Athens Airport (ATH)

If you feel like there is nothing to do on layovers, then you are definitely mistaken. Once you set foot on Athens Eleftherios Venizelos Airport (ATH), you will be overwhelmed with the many wonderful things to actually do at the airport premises and cool places to visit in the city of Athens. The airport can be reached 12 miles from the city center and is very accessible to a number of historical and cultural destinations with lots of things to do during an Athens layover.

The Athens airport provides a number of services that could make every layover a comfortable experience. The establishment has retail outlets where you can do shopping, restaurants where you can dine with loved ones, entertainment areas where you could have fun, a left luggage facility where you can leave your bags, and other leisurely facilities where you could experience personal relaxation.

A wonderful service from the airport management is the wireless internet zone which can be accessed anywhere in the airport terminals. Free internet can be used for about 45 minutes. You may go to the Free Internet Access Points or Business Centers to know more about this particular service.

If you have more time to spend during a layover at Athens airport, you could check with the airport management if you could avail their free site tour which will bring you to various locations such as the Archaeological Museum, the Fire Brigade Station, and Eleftherios Venizelos, and the Airport Museum. This could be a fun experience most especially if you appreciate artistic creations.

In case that you arrive in the wee hours of the night or if you just simply want to rest during your layover time, then you could book a stay at the Sofitel Athens which can be found just opposite the arrivals hall and the departures hall. The Sofitel Athens is truly a luxurious place to consider. It also features other amenities and facilities including an indoor pool, a bar that offers scenic views, and a sauna where you could get some physical relaxation.

There are also different transportation modes in the area in case you decide to leave the airport to have some fun or sightseeing. You could ride the Athens Central Railway Station, the Metro, taxi, or bus. We suggest that you take the taxi most especially when you have only a little time to spare.


Athens Layover Guide

Athens Tours

A tour of the city could be the best option for those who only have a few hours for their layover. There are different things to enjoy in the city such as biking, cruising, theater watching, restaurant dining, street walking, and a lot more.


The Agora-Athens Central Market

One of the most colorful places in Athens is the Agora-Athens Central Market because it is characterized by a lively local culture. It is the best place to visit if you want to find local products such as poultry, fish, and spices. Chefs love to come here because of the varied local ingredients that are necessary for the preparation of Greek cuisines. The place also organizes a flea market that is open during Sundays. You may also drop by the Athens Chinatown or the Eolou Stree for more exciting shopping opportunities.


The Acropolis

The Acropolis can be considered as a truly fascinating site that allows you to see the historic past of the city. Visiting the Acropolis and the Parthenon is like traveling back to the most popular times of Greek civilization. Who won’t be stunned by these impressive ruins that provide a magnificent view of the nation’s culture and history? You could reach the Acropolis by simply riding a taxi or taking the metro.


The Temple Of Poseidon At Sounion

The Temple of Poseidon at Sounion is merely an hour away from the city of Athens. It is situated on a hill that is at the edge of the Attiki Peninsula. Coming here before the sun sets would be the most ideal time since the sunset even intensifies the beauty of the place. You would definitely love to be walking along the shore or just looking at the cool carvings. You could reach the place by taking the Metro and having a stop at the Victorias. You may also just take a bus from the Aeros Park if you prefer that route.


The National Archaeological Museum

If you want to know more about the past of Greece and witness the majestic items from its history, then you have to visit the National Archaeological Museum. It is a heaven for those who have a deep appreciation for cultural evolution.


Mount Lycabettus

Mount Lycabettus is a beautiful mountain that can give you a fabulous view of the entire city of Athens. Trekking the mountain can be a physical challenge, but who wouldn’t risk it for one of the most precious moments in Greek travel? Apart from getting a scenic view of the city, going to Mount Lycabettus will also give you a chance to see spectacular performances in its amphitheater. You may reach this place by taking the Metro and having a stop at the Evangelismos. Call 210-722-7209 for more information.


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