Oktoberfest Munich: 16 Tips To Have The Best Time At Oktoberfest

Are you among the free-spirited souls who love to be drunk with fun and excitement? Then Oktoberfest could surely be one of the events that you are waiting for. It is the best time of the year to drink some of the most delicious beers in the world with some of the most adventurous and liberated people in the universe. Oktoberfest originated in Germany where people traditionally celebrated October as a very special month during the end of September through early October.

Presently, this tradition has become a festival where various people from across the globe meet together to just be themselves and become as happier as ever. Millions of tourists gather together wearing their posh outfits just for this celebration. If you plan to be among the six million people who want to experience the excitement of Oktoberfest, then you have to know these 16 tips for Oktoberfest Munich so you have the best time possible.


Buy Traditional Lederhosen

Oktoberfest is essentially a cultural tradition. What better way to be part of a tradition than by wearing something appropriate to the society and the event, right? Then you have to be prepared for your costume. Make sure that you have a unique but acceptable dirndl. Do not just wear trick or treat costumes. You have to make your own research in order to prepare the most appropriate lederhosen for the special celebration. Although this is not entirely necessary, having your own dirndl will make Oktoberfest a lot more meaningful for you. Beer tents would surely be more accommodating of you if they see you wearing cool traditional Oktoberfest attire. Access to beer tents simply equal more wonderful moments.


Book Hotels Or Apartments In Advance

You cannot surely expect hotel rooms to be abundant during the Oktoberfest season. People from all over the world will be flying to Munich during this time. That’s why it is truly necessary to make reservations several months prior to your arrival. Booking in advance could not just ensure your accommodation but also the best deals for your stay.


Know The Prices

Scalping is very common during the Oktoberfest. A lot of people will take advantage of tourists who just want to experience the fun. You have to be knowledgeable of every attraction and event that you will be going to. Do not be a fool by paying an extremely overpriced ticket. Know that you can make reservations and the price for such reservations usually depend on the number of persons going and the corresponding drinks and food that are consumable for each visitor. The minimum cost for a group of ten people is only between 30 and 50 USD.


Just Be Early

If it is impossible to make early reservations for your tent access, then you have to put extra effort into arriving as early as possible to the venue. The access inside the tent is very important because it will open you to a lot of exciting activities such as cool performances from bands and other amazing events by other participants.


The Tents Are Your Haven

The tents during the Oktoberfest season serve as havens for those who are after some liberating adventures. You have to make sure that you get in the tents in order to witness the real happenings. Do not worry because a lot of people can be accommodated by their extremely gigantic tents. There are a lot of local performers, famous singers, and cool bands giving their own share of entertainment.


Reserve Tent Access

You must remember that the Oktoberfest is definitely one of the widely visited events all the world. Organizers usually expect to gather more than six million tourists during the entire celebration. This only gives you more reasons to have an early reservation for the tent access. You cannot risk losing the chance to take part in this festive tradition just because you do not have tent passes.


Do Not Skimp On Cash

Please do not attempt at leaving your cash in your room. Most of the tents will not be accepting credit cards for transactions. If you want to have the most terrific moments in Oktoberfest, then you also have to bringing in a lot of cash with you. Also, do not forget to be friendly with the tent crews. Be generous and kind enough because they are your keys to getting access to the different events in the city.


Women Will Be Your Keys To Access

The Oktoberfest is a proof that women power indeed exists. If you want to gain easier access to the Oktoberfest tents, then you must be brining female friends with you. Based on the experience of attendees to the celebration, men who have access to the events usually invite women visitors over. They key to getting in most of the tents is by bringing in some women friends with you. Just do not lose their company because they will be keys to a more adventure-filled night.


Be Early To Enjoy More

Beer drinking is not only for the night. You could actually start drinking or just enjoy the outdoor atmosphere by going to the grounds as early as 10:00 am. By making a tour of the grounds at an earlier time, you could make sure that you get the best experience of the Oktoberfest without the suffocating crowd. The setup outdoors will surely be attractive to people who desire to listen to cool music, experience unique games, taste local food, and see exciting stuff.


Take It Slow

You might think that the Oktoberfest will give you permission to be a foolish drinker. Please do not commit such mistake. You still have to be wise and cautious with your alcohol intake during this celebration. Take note that the kind of beers served inside the tents are really strong ones. You cannot just vomit outside, pass out on the streets, and be apprehended by the government.


Tables Are Necessary For Beers

Remember to never lose your table. The tables will be the best cue for the Oktoberfest crew to give you bottles of beer. You actually cannot order a drink if you have no table. If you desire to dance during band performances and music shows, then you could do so by standing on the tables while drinking the best beers in the world.


You Will Easily Find The Oktoberfest Grounds

If it is your first time in Germany, do not worry about getting lost during the Oktoberfest season. A lot of tourists in Munich are traveling to the Oktoberfest grounds. Just by looking at the costumes and apparels of the people will already give you clues as to the best location for enjoying the Oktoberfest. You have to know that the best events happen in Theresienwiese. The Oktoberfest grounds can be reached through different modes of transportation such as the taxi, the subway car, the railway, and even the bus. If you are lucky enough to be booking a hotel in the capital, then the grounds could just be a few steps away from you.


Have Fun. Be Happy

Consider Oktoberfest not just as a tradition to be celebrated, but also as an adventure to be remembered. You have to treasure every second and every minute of this event. When you meet strangers, try to get some lessons from them. When you get lost in the crowd, learn to cope with it. When you get drunk, learn to enjoy without being a fool. Let every waking hour in Munich a new day for wonderful adventures.


Bags May Not Really Be Necessary

Oktoberfest means fun and liberty. You must be expecting yourself to get drunk the whole night. Why would you even bother to bring bags or purses if you think that you could just leave them somewhere you might never remember? In order to enjoy the traditional Oktoberfest without worries, just bring in the essentials and keep them in your pockets.


Move On With The Hangover

People visit Germany’s famous Oktoberfest to get drunk and be merry. As a beer drinker, you must know that hangover sucks. You cannot let a day be ruined just because you had hangover from the previous drinking spree. You must know your own personal cure for such a hangover and make sure that you will have easy access to it. Medications must always be brought during travel. Make the most of your time in Munich by not letting the hangover get in the way.


Extra Money Means Extra Fun

If you want to maximize your experience at the Oktoberfest, then you have to be carrying more cash than you have initially imagined. Tenants and participants to the event do not usually accept cards. You will need to be bringing more cash in order to enjoy more pleasurable food and drinks. You might also never know when you would be needing to buy something that would strike your interest.


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