Nuremberg Old Town: 10 Best Things To Do In Nuremberg Old Town Germany

Who would not love to witness authentic medieval structures and a majestic castle that is more than a thousand years old? That’s what you will actually see when you visit the very famous Nuremberg Old Town which is in the historic part of Germany. When you look at a map, you will notice that it is the next biggest city in Bavaria, thus you will be seeing a lot of fascinating spots in the area.


The Nuremberg Trials And Second World War

The ugly history of Germany shall not characterize the city alone. There are also wonderful aspects to this past great power. But in order to appreciate the beauty of present Germany today, it would also be helpful to understand its past.

Nuremberg was the site where some of the Jews were killed. It was also the historic spot for Nazi rallies and other government policies. Although it had a very tragic past, the Germans seem to have accepted it very well and learned so many lessons from it.


Some Of The Most Visited Places In Nuremberg:

First is the Nuremberg’s Palace of Justice. When you come here, you will be able to witness the actual place where Jewish people had been tried in World War II. If you would like to see more intricate details of the past, you could also check out their courtrooms where trials and convictions have taken place.

Second is the Nazi Party Rally Grounds which was the actual destination of Nazi political events.

Third is is the Art Bunker of WWII. The state has decided to turn the bunker into a museum where more tourists could understand the grim realities of the past.

Fourth is the Kongreshalle where you will be able to witness photographic proofs, official documentations, and replicas of the Nazi’s political history. This used to be the HQ of the Third Reich.


10 Wonderful Places And Activities To Try In Nuremberg

When you go to Nuremberg without knowing its past, I think that you will never really think that it was once a venue of harsh political persecutions and racial genocides. Its sheer beauty will even fascinate your senses.

Top 10 Places To Visit In Nuremberg Old Town:

  • Frauentorturm
  • Mauthalle
  • St. Lorenz / St. Lawrence church
  • Nassauerhaus
  • Heilig-Geist-Spital
  • Main Market Square
  • St. Sebaldus church
  • WeissgerbergasseTiergärtnertor / Albrecht Dürer House
  • Nuremberg Imperial Castle


I have to tell you that the first place I visited when I was in Nuremberg was the Frauentorturm. Here, you will find beautiful stalls where you can find local products. You can also unwind in this place and drink your favorite coffee.


The Nuremberg Historic Area

One of the most photographed tourist destinations in Nuremberg is the Imperial Castle. This magnificent architectural wonder has been constructed during the 15th Century. Apart from the castle, you will surely love the neighborhood surrounding it. Make sure that you keep photographs of the residential areas as well.


The Koenigstrasse And Open-Air Market

Let me tell you that you shall not worry about visiting the Old Town. Even when you don’t know the German language, you can still surely adapt easily to the environment. You can safely walk on its streets and capture beautiful photographs of the famous tourist spots. Make sure that you visit Koenigstrasse and the Heilig-Geist-Spital.

If you would also like to bring home some souvenir items from Germany, then I suggest that you try the various open-air markets of the place. You can be purchasing a lot of rare finds in the markets most especially when you visit during the holiday season.


The Kaiserburg

The Nuremberg Castle is also a sight to behold. Apart from the structural elegance, you will also surely love the greenery surrounding it. Most tourists would also appreciate the Sinwell Tower in the venue.


The Frauenkirche, St. Lorenz And St. Sebaldus Church

If you are fond of visiting religious sites because of their significance to humanity’s civilization, then you will surely admire the presence of majestically constructed and intelligently designed churches such as the Frauenkirche, St. Lorenz Church, and the St. Sebaldus Church.


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