Munich Layover: Layover At Munich Flughafen Airport Guide

The center for the German old fashion buildings can be found in Bavaria’s capital – Munich in Germany. The city is field with centuries old structures which seems like you are strolling along a wide outdoor museum like scenery. Plus, of course, aside for the authentic and world famous Oktoberfest Annual event can only be found and experienced in Munich.

For flights scheduled the next day, there are hotels around the airport which can be easily accessed upon your arrival. Or you can stay inside the airport to enjoy in-house airport facilities like exclusive passenger’s lounge area, and airport terraces.

Trip around Germany and other neighboring European countries often stops over the world’s ranked fifth best airport around, the Franz Josef Strauss Airport (MUC) . The airport is around 18 miles away from Munich downtown where business center can be found. You can visit a lot of shops, bars, beauty salon, massage and spa, restaurants, even movie house for airline passengers, and other establishments that suits you. You will also be surprised there is a miniature golf in the Visitor’s Park, inside the Munich Airport. The airport is also child friendly enough to provide play area and parks for young passengers as well.


Munich Layover: Layover At Munich Flughafen Airport Guide

If you have valid and updated Schengen Visa, you can leave the airport and explore the century old city of Munich. You can easily leave your luggage at the Left Luggage area of the airport for a baggage free hands while you explore the city for half or whole day adventure. You can hop onto the next scheduled bus routes or take a cab to tour around Munich. Just make sure you have to ask cab or bus drivers on the exact time and places where heavy traffic are expected within the day so you can manage your time well.

There are a lot of fun things to do during your transit at Franz Josef Strauss Airport. You can spend half day or a whole day to visit around the famous places in Munich, Germany. The city has a lot of convenient and sophisticated tourist friendly tourist destination. Given the perfect weather and temperature, you can freely make use of your extra waiting time at Munich to your next transit flight.


Things To Do During Layover In Munich, Germany

Explore Munich City

A simple walk around the city can make you feel like you are transported back in time although, the bustling cars and noisy crowd shows off the progressive economy of the city, Munich has this historical ambiance. This is due to numerous buildings that have been built for hundreds of years ago.

There are also bike for rents and walking guide tours that are also provided by private tour company which you can join to for not quite cheap service fee. But it may be convenient to avail if you have limited time. The tour company already knows the usual routes to avoid traffic and the shortest path to get to your next tourist destination area.

A walk on the Marienplatz City Center can give you a perfect venue to shop and dine situated in the central square of Munich.


Shop On An Outdoor Market Place

You must never miss to visit the widest and well known flea market in Munich, The Viktualienmarkt. The market basically has everything from various food, cheeses, dried herbs, spices, modern items, some foreign products, and local crafts and antiquities.


Explore More Museums, Parks And Famous Monuments

There are a number of famous landmarks that can be visited within the same day in Munich. Try to start with a visit in Museum, the Old Pinakothek to catch the opening time before heavy crowds of people line up outside. The museum exhibits several of famed art pieces from 14th century onward.

For outdoor museum experience, you can enjoy and take pictures of the lovely park of the Nymphenburg Palace. A quick tour inside the palace can also take you to 16th century history of the Great Hall which is called the “Gallery of Beauties”.


Visit A Church

Well, for most tour around the world; churches and cathedrals are one of the visited tourist destination. Churches often have become a start of civilization and community building for most localities.

Explore the St. Peter’s Church in Munich where you can frolic and be amazed on the grand structure of the old church. If you are lucky enough you can actually have the perfect view of the German Alps from afar.


Have A Taste Of Munich

While on walking tours or your on back packing adventure, you can have quick breaks on restaurants, food stalls to taste wines, local German food, shopping, and experience what most locals do.

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