Layover At Frankfurt Airport (FRA) Guide

Layovers in the Frankfurt International Airport give people traveling through it a lot to do. It is among the most crowded airports internationally, and is the headquarters of Lufthansa. It is around 8 mi. from the center of Frankfurt. In fact, the city is very easy to get to for those having long layovers in the airport.

If you have to stay in the airport while waiting for your next flight, there is a lot to do and see including shopping and restaurants. You can go here for more information on the shops as well as here for more information on what to eat and drink. In addition, most places are open all day and night.


Layover At Frankfurt Airport

For those interested and having a long layover, there is also the Players Island casino located at Terminal 1. In addition, there is also a lot of relaxation and beauty services such as Be Relax, a nail salon, and more.

Also, you can do some dry cleaning, altering of clothes, go to a pharmacy, and exchange your money. In addition, there are around thirty travel agents in the airport. Also, make sure to check out the Travel Market. It is open on Sunday between 10 am – 6 pm. It is located at Terminal 1 in the Airport Gallery.

If you have more time, consider taking an airport tour with Airport Sightseeing Tour. There are several different tour types to choose from. If arriving in the evening or just wanting to rest a bit, a lot of hotels are close to the airport in all price ranges.

You can also drop your luggage at the luggage storage facilities in the airport, if you don’t want to carry them around while exploring. You can find the 2 of them in Terminals 1 and 2.

In terms of getting around, there are a lot of options such as rental car, bus, bike, train, and taxi. You can catch the AIRail train in Terminal 1 between platforms 4-7. You can get taxis right outside the airport. They are available all day long and around 25 for a 20 to 30 min. ride.


What To Do During A Layover In Frankfurt:

Tours Of The City

There are many tours for all interests that you can take in Frankfurt. For example, you can take walking tours, boat rides, Segway tours, helicopter tours, day trips, culture tours, bike tours and wine excursions.


The Liebeighaus Castle/Museum

Liebeighaus has a large assembly of sculptures and has an summary of 5,000 years of them starting in Egypt to modern classism.


Frankfurt Kleinmarkthalle

Make sure to check out this market in Hasengasse as it has a lot of tasty food. Also, you can check out the Bornheim markets on Wednesday and Saturday, as well as Konstablerwache on Thurdasday and Schiller Strasse every Friday.


The CocoonClub

The CocoonClub is one of Germany’s most iconic and popular clubs. It is the perfect place to stay for the night when in Frankfurt.


Frankfurt’s Romerberg

This is the center of the Old town. Many different things take place in the center including the market at Christmas. In addition, you can look at the Fountain of Justice and the Historisches Museum.

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