How To Get From Schoenefeld Airport To Berlin City Center And Vice Versa

Berlin is truly one of the most beautiful cities in the whole world. Apart from its natural wonder and physical majesty, the place is also filled with historical significance for the entire human race. When you go to Berlin, you have to be aware that it actually has two international airports. These airports are the Schönefeld and the Tegel. You might want to know how to get to Berlin from Schoenefeld and Tegel airport.

The Schönefeld airport is among the favorite of those who are traveling on a budget. Most of the low-fare flights depart and arrive in this airport. Among the airlines that are based on this airport are the Condor, the Ryanair and the Easyjet. The Schönefeld airport can be found at southeast Berlin and we’ll explain how to get from Schoenefeld to Berlin city centre.

The Tegel airport is located in the Northwestern part of Berlin. It has been announced that the Tegel airport may actually shut down two years from now when a new airport finishes its construction. Although the two airports are separated today, there are huge infrastructure plans that would create a merger of the Schönefeld airport and the new Bradenburg airport.

If you are coming from the Schönefeld airport to Berlin, then don’t worry because there are many options for such journey. You could simply use technology such as the application of Google Maps to show you the best way and method of transportation possible. Just make sure that you have a valid mobile network for use during your travel. Before going to your desired destination, you may also simply use the free Wi-Fi that is offered by the airport to check your routes.


How To Get From Schoenefeld Airport To Berlin City Center

Using The RE7 And The RB 14

When you are coming from the Schönefeld airport to Berlin you can ride the express trains. You have to head on to the Flughaten Berlin-Schoenefeld Station in order to get to the train.  

The express train’s journey is every thirty minutes. Departure starts from 4:00 am at frequent intervals and ends at 11:00 pm during weekdays and 1:44 am on weekends. The cost of taking the express train is between 3 and 4 Euros. When you buy the ticket, make sure that you use it within two hours.

To save money and prevent hassle, make sure that you purchase a Berlin WelcomeCard. The purchase of this card is advisable to those who are staying in Berlin for quite a long period. It is also great to have this because you can actually save quite a lot of time from always lining up in ticking machines. The card is like a transportation pass. It allows you to ride the express train at unlimited frequencies on specified periods. You can get a card that will be valid for two days to 6 days depending on your need. Apart from serving as a travel pass, the Berlin WelcomeCard is also beneficial to those who would like to get special discounts on entry fees to some tourist attractions. Note, however, that some cards could have limitations. You need to make sure that you have cards that can access travels for zones A, B, and C.


Using The S-Bahn

If you would like to use the metro for your travel to Berlin, then you have to find the Bahn. The metro is actually called as Bahn by the locals. There are, however, two types of the metro.

The first type is the S-Bahn which basically means the metro for the suburban areas. The final destination of this mode of transportation is the airport. In case that you arrive in Germany at off-peak hours, do not worry about your transportation because the S-Bahn actually does not stop from operating on weekends. You can still surely go to Berlin even when your plane has landed at the wee hours of night.

The second type of the metro is the U-Bahn which basically means the underground metro.


Using The Public Bus  

If you are not that comfortable in riding trains, you can opt to take a public bus. You need to choose from X7, 171, and N7 buses that all go from the Schoenefeld airport to the U-Bahn U7 stations.

Getting on a public bus ride may be the remaining solution for those who have arrived extremely late at night during weekdays and would still like to travel comfortably without spending too much on fare.


Using A Metered Taxi 

We don’t really advise getting a metered taxi because it can definitely cost you too much from getting to Berlin from Schoenefeld airport. But if you have extra money to spend for comfort, then you could get a taxi right at the exit of the Schönefeld airport. The cost for a travel that traverses more than 23 kilometers is over 45 Euros.


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