7 Things To Do In Berlin- 48 Hours Itinerary Of Berlin

Honestly, I didn’t love Berlin but it was a good time. The city felt dull and gloomy, perhaps because it was October end; but I didn’t love it. We never created that spark, but my 48 hours in Berlin was very busy.

However, I am happy to have visited. I got to see and learn the history of the city like an insider, something that I’d recommend to all the travelers. Here’s how I wrapped the huge city in the 48 hours I had with me. Below I’ll share a quick 2 days in Berlin itinerary of some fun things to do in Berlin.


Things To Do In Berlin During Your 2 Days In Berlin

Visit A Beer Garden In Berlin

Imagine gulping a chilled traditional German beverage while enjoying delicious German cuisine! Taste buds evoked? Prater Garten is the oldest beer garden in the city, and if you’re looking to try German food, it’s a great place to go for classic dishes. My personal favorites and one of the best things to do in Berlin are Konisberger Klopse (basically meatballs in caper sauce), Wiener Schnitzel (a veal cutlet). You can also try a seasonal delicacy, which was ‘wild boar’ during my visit. Sure, Berlin is no Munich when it comes to a culture of beer but it does have a few places that will give you a taste of rich German culture in their ales. The summers see outdoor seating with live music and livelier crowd making it a place worth spending an afternoon at.


Take A History Tour Of Berlin

I tried to make the best use of the limited time at my hand by signing up for a walking tour six hours through Berlin and its history. I signed up for the Brewer’s “Best of Berlin” tour. The day-long tour cost me just €15 which was pretty affordable considering I got to see all the major sites. Don’t get second thoughts because of the 6-hour walk – you will stop a lot for coffee breaks, quick bites, and lunch that also gives you time to rest your feet.

As I said, the tour covered all the major sites from city’s most intricately designed squares of Gendarmenmarkt to the famous Checkpoint Charlie and Berlin Cathedral, the Holocaust Memorial and remnants of the Berlin Wall.

Despite learning the history of Holocaust and World War II in high school and college, I must admit it was a transcending experience to be at a place where it actually happened.

Though I always imagined Holocaust to be wicked taking over the common populace, our tour guide apprised us that Hitler was duly elected and many Germans accepted and even lauded his nationalist and political beliefs. It was also sad to know that the people involved in this era of terror were either never indicted or never completed their terms.

He added that there still runs a collective guilt among the Germans and discussing Holocaust and Nazis was considered a taboo till the recent times.

The end of the tour was particularly interesting. We visited the spot where Hitler died; a parking lot above the bunker where he had killed himself. Ironically, the bunker is now a part of a gay-club and this story is narrated by a Jewish; pretty much everything that Hitler wanted to abolish now thrived where he spent the last few moments of his life.

A final stop was made at the Brandenburg Gate, another famous tourist destination in Berlin. Constructed during the year 1971, it is an old treasure of the city with strategically important buildings like consulates and majestic Hotel Adlon surrounding it. Do you recall the incident where Michael Jackson hanged his son out of the hotel’s window in 2002 or where President Obama ate with German Chancellor Angela Merkel? Well, this place can certainly ring a bell!

The best part of the tour came in the form of tiny figurines made of chocolate- chocolate Brandenburg Gate, chocolate Titanic which we happened to devour in during our breaks on the tour at Fassbender & Rausch, a famous chocolate store to lift our depressing moods.


Eat Street Food In Berlin

Do not miss out on the street food when in Berlin for 2 days. The streets offer a variety of cheap and delicious dishes to gorge on and satiate the hunger pangs.


Explore The Neighborhood: Prenzlauerberg

The second part of the stroll of 48 hours in Berlin was reserved for exploring one of the most tourist-favored neighborhoods of Berlin, Mitte. It is a good option to start exploring the city with the places with or near most tourist attractions. This is advisable if you are visiting for a short period. Another neighborhood which is definitely worth exploring is Prenzlauerberg.

While locals argue that the charm of this place is more or less over ever since it was renovated, I feel there is a peculiar liveliness to it which gives way for plenty of fun things to be done. On Sundays, there is a famous flea market at Mauer Park. You can have brunch at the picturesque Cafe Anna Blume. And guess what, there’s more! It houses the first-ever beer garden of Berlin which was the next on my to-do list.


Berlin Nightlife: 48-Hour Parties (or Not)

Unbelievable as it might sound, you can spend the whole of your trip of 48 hours at the same party in Berlin. A friend of a friend explained that parties go on incessantly through the weekend and you can leave whenever you want. And you might not want to bother trying to dress-up. Even, a scruffy shirt is enough to take access.

This was another reason why I felt like I don’t belong; I am just not ‘hip’ enough. I wouldn’t have fit in a 48-hour partying like this and probably wouldn’t have been allowed to enter. But it was fun to observe people in their comfort zone where they belong. I remember passing by a convenience-store one night while looking for something to eat and seeing young people with dark lipstick, making rings out of their roll-ups. That was something to witness!


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