Disney On Ice With Kids: 5 Tips You Need To Read – 2018/2019 Edition

With the Disney on Ice with kids, one can still feel the magic of the Disney without necessarily staying near the Disney theme park. There will be a whole family entertainment evening where you will think same of your best characters spinning and swirling on the ice. These tips will help you to maximize the entertainment you get from the Disney On Ice with children.


5 Tips You Need To Read For Disney On Ice With Kids

Stay Warm

Now that you are going to see a show with the word Ice and you should be dressed in some warm clothing. You will find some children and adults in shorts and t-shirts or sporting tank tops, but they will soon or later fail to enjoy because of the cold. Parents should make this day memorable to their young ones by ensuring that they are all covered, and they are not shivering with cold during the whole performance. Carry a blanket or a jacket so that both you and the kids can be comfortable at the Disney On Ice with kids.


Select The Best Theme Disney On Ice For Your Kids

You will notice that there are several Disney On Ice shows to pick. Different shows have different themes, and you thus need to pick the right theme for your family. You will find four different themes for Disney On Ice with kids. They include:

  • Dare to dream- this focuses on the Disney Princesses
  • Dream Big- this theme has a lot of Disney princesses and frozen is among them
  • Follow Your Heart- this one has a mixture of the Finding Dory characters and the Disney princesses
  • Worlds of Enchantment-The theme features Toy Story, The Little Mermaid, Cars, and Frozen


Wear Disney Garb

To make this Disney outing more memorable, you can wear clothes with Disney characters on them or some Micky Mouse ears. During the performance, you might need to get off any hats that may cause any distractions. Get a Disney costume and a notch when going to the performance. All this will bring a lot of excitement to preschoolers who love to wear their best Toy Story or Disney princess characters. Parents are also not restricted to wear costumes with Disney characters at the Disney On Ice shows


Make Sure Expectations Are Set For Disney On Ice With Kids

It is imperative to have a discussion about Disney On Ice with your children before the performance on the things they should expect in the show. At times they may be so glued to watching their favorite characters such that they may be shocked by other appearances. For instance, they may be surprised to see the lights turned on and they think that the show is over before they see their characters. Some of the characters you will see are Donald Duck, Goofy, Minnie Mouse, Mickey Mouse, Tinkerbell, Toy Story, Little Mermaid, and Cars.


Making An Early Booking

A secret is an event to make an early booking for Disney On Ice with kids. You be able to reserve some of the best seats before others purchase them. The tickets will also vary in prices depending on where the seats are. The front seats are more expensive since their tickets are sold as premium tickets. The best time to book your tickets for Disney On Ice is now!

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