Where To Eat In Latin Quarter In Paris – Le Pré Verre

Food courses are somewhat considered as food for the gods. Basically because of the intricacy, hard work and exquisite preparation process put into preparing a French dish. The Le Prè Verre is a luxurious restaurant located at Rue Thenard at Paris Latin Quarter.

The Le Prè Verr is open from Tuesdays to Mondays only, and during summer the lobby and terraces are filled with guests. So make sure you are able to reserve in advance. The restaurant is located at the heart of Paris in Rue Thènard in the Latin Quarter.


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Although, there are variety of restaurant in France that one can try, but the Le Prè Verre is one of the best restaurant in Paris and when someone asks where to eat in Latin Quarter in Paris, Le Pré Verre is the answer.

The ambiance of the Le Prè Verre is exclusively luxurious and intimate. This is in line with the city’s romantic vibe in the Paris latin quarter. Food servers are quite seemed to be pleasant and provide a good help during selection of meals.

The place is quite popular for couples especially during weekends. So expect a huge number of people who would want to eat in the Le Prè Verre, so make sure to call and reserve a slot when you bring your date in the restaurant, especially this month.


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Each meal cost about 150 euros or more, depending on the plate dining course you ordered. The restaurant also serves the best wines and finest coffee in the city, so expect a higher price on food choices ordered. La Prè Verre is a fine dining that you would want to experience in Paris. If anyone ever asks where to eat in Latin Quarter in Paris, then you should always tell them about this restaurant.

The Le Prè Verre Restaurant has opened in the year 2003. The Delacourcelle siblings operated and started the restaurant deciding to use a Paris bisotronomy symbol in their food business. The Paris bisotronomy was a sign for movement for delicious and inviting cuisine.

The restaurant offers wide choices of traditional French food while maintain an artistic restaurant display and chic themed ambiance. The restaurant is basically few minutes away from Boulevard Saint-Germain and the Musée de Cluny, which is most tourists visit and frolic on paintings and art works from middle ages.

Currently, after the management of the Delacourcelle brothers, the Le Prè Verre, is now under the management of Jean-François Paris. The restaurant is now used a s aplace to honor the great works of talented poet Jacques Prévert.


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Even on unfriendly season like this month, thick snow fall covers the whole Paris. But the heavy snow cannot stop couples and families to dine in Le Prè Verre. Guests would literally are patient enough to wait in line to have the chance to dine in Le Prè Verre. Despite of fully booked reservations, there are still guests who are willing to wait and take a chance to dine there; without even assurance of being booked. So if you have the chance, you have to check out Le Prè Verre in Latin Quarter in Paris.

Authentic French cuisine is served in Le Prè Verre. French dishes are often considered as the food for gods. The expensive ingredients on menu and sophisticated preparation a dish is often the reason why it is only served for wealthy and notable persons in the past.

Different appetizers, pastas, pizzas, and main meat dishes abundantly mixed well with natural expensive and fragrant herbs, and spices. Seafood is well-seasoned with cheese and fine oils that suits for the perfectly for delicate palette. When wondering where to eat in Paris Latin Quarter, you need to go to Le Prè Verre.


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Meats are made tender and have quite unique taste, often tenderized in expensive aged wines. A lot of dishes are baked or garnished well in melted hundreds variety of cheeses from all over the world.

Freshly harvested and high quality vegetables, nuts, and fruits are used to balance the taste of main dishes and also accentuate the plating presentation of the dish what would often look more like an art piece than a food on a plate.

And for finale, French desserts are truly amazing. Tasty and heavenly, which perfectly match different aged wine choices. Chocolates, cakes, and other sweet French delicacies are soothing to one’s soul.

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