Where To Buy Louvre Tickets: Secrets For Buying Louvre Tickets

One crucial thing you should do before you visit Louvre is to buy the tickets in advance. Waiting to buy the tickets at the museum will be tiresome, and you will use so much time that you should be enjoying. So to avoid this, we’ll provide a guide of secrets for buying Louvre tickets and where to buy Louvre tickets to get in as soon as possible.

The most challenging part of this if you do not have the tickets you will need to go through security. The people who have tickets before hard will go through another line and but they will then get to this security checkpoint. People without tickets will, however, pass after those who already have tickets. After you are through with the line on security check, you will go to another queue for people without tickets to buy them. By the time you get in to see the artwork, you will have already wasted enough time.

It is better to have your tickets beforehand instead of going through this hustle of purchasing Louvre tickets. Purchasing The Paris Pass is one of the most known and best ways to have the tickets beforehand. This is a package for entry tickets to different sites and museums and other activities such as Seine River cruise, metro travel and hops off/hop on tour bus. The Paris Pass will be quite beneficial for it has a fast track entrance line. If you, however, don’t want to buy The Paris Pass, there are other ways you can use to get a Louvre ticket.

Buying a Louvre ticket online is always a solution where you want to have it in advance. People from Canada and US can have their tickets sent to them, but of course, you will have to pay some extra fees. One can also pick the tickets at the selected ticket offices. There are also other ways to get the ticket for people who do not want to pay more for the tickets.

Here I will give you a secret for Louvre on the other awesome way to purchase an entry ticket to Louvre Museum. The tickets are sold by a shopping arcade made in the underground situated at Carrousel du Louvre. It is attached conveniently to the Museum of Louvre. It is not difficult to find this Tabac. This store will be selling several sundries and tobacco products.


Here Are The Ways To Find Louvre Tickets:

  • You will see a red awning written 99 Carrousel du Louvre and a museum when you stand right at the metro entrance. Find the door of the museum, and this happens to be one of Carrousel du Louvre’s entrances.
  • From here you can go down three staircases until you get to the ground floor. Once there turn on the Allee de France which is on the right side. The corridors here have been named with streets so it should not be hard for you to follow.
  • Go right to the end and here you find the Tabac located on your right side. Here you will purchase your tickets and escape all the hustles of people without tickets.


The other way to get here is to go through the entrances of Place du Carrousel:

  • You will find this entrances on each of the Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel’s sides.
  • When looking right at the Louvre Museum and Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel is on your back, you will find two entry points that will take you to Carrousel du Louvre. These entries will meet at the row of statues, and thus you will get here irrespective of the one you choose.
  • Do not go to the inverted pyramid you find ahead but instead turn to your left. Walk straight and ensure you see the original fortress remnants stone walls on your side. When you see the McDonald’s situated on the second floor then directly below it is the Tabac you have been looking for.


The cost of the tickets at the tabac is the same with those from the museum. You can also buy tickets for other museums like Chateau Versailles, Picasso, L’Orangerie and D’Orsay in the tabac.

With this information, there is no need of going to make a long queue at the museum to get tickets. Just pass through the tabac and buy your ticket to the museum. You will walk right to the queue of the people with tickets written “avec billet” and enjoy your tour as the others wait.

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