What Stores And Shops Are Open On Sunday In Paris?

Are you trying to understand where you can go shopping for clothes, wine, gifts or gourmet food on Sunday in Paris store hours? It can apparently be slightly complex because of both the regulations of the state and cultural norms which determine that most shops and stores in Paris must remain closed on Sundays.

The law is rooted in Orthodox traditions but is presently based on the idea that employees in the retail sector must not be compelled to work on Sundays in Paris and other parts of Europe. Notwithstanding the Orthodox traditions and specifically in areas where tourists are frequenting a large number of stores, shops, and shopping centers of Paris on Sundays have been unlocking their doors on Sundays for a limited period of time in most cases.


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If you are intent on visiting the market for a shopping binge at the culmination of a long week we suggest you absorb the information we are providing of what stores and shops are open in Paris on Sunday. The list we provide is neither exhaustive or comprehensive but if you are looking for a place for shopping in Paris on the calmest day of the week this is a good place to make a beginning. Continue reading for tips that will provide you information about where to head and the kind of purchases you can make like what shops and stores are open on Sunday in Paris.


Store Opening Hours Paris Sunday

Sunday Shopping At Les Champs-Elysees

When you begin traveling westward most of the outlets located on Paris’s acclaimed Avenue des Champs Elysees will be found open on Sundays including famous outlets like Louis Vuitton at 101, Zara at 44, the high-end pharmacy, convenience store and kiosque the Drugstore Publicis again at 44, the fashion idea outlet Le 66 Champs-Elysees at 66 apart from the Virgin Megastore and the rival electronic, music and bookseller Fnac, Quicksilver, Marionnaud, Sephora gap and the Disney store. This is a destination place in Paris and most of the stores are open on Sunday’s in Paris for shopping.


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Sunday Shopping At Carousel Du Louvre

Visitors, as well as citizens of Paris, love the Carousel du Louvre which is a shopping mall and is located about the exhibition spaces of the celebrated museum. The Carousel du Louvre which remains open seven days a week is home to dozens of shops, a gourmet food court with 14 restaurants and also has a sophisticated as well as a spacious setting.

The lower part of the popular libation Pyramide du Louvre [Louvre Pyramid] is evident from one side of the purchasing center. Additionally, the Carousel du Louvre combines an expanded space for exhibitions which are home to major yearly events such as the Paris photo exhibit which is traditionally organized.  This is a great place to go shopping in Paris on Sunday.


Sunday Shopping For Food, Health, And Beauty Destinations

Looking forward to stocking up on some gourmet items for this weekend? You will be disappointed to find most supermarkets closed on Sunday but you still have an opportunity to visit some of the best bakeries of the world, Patisseries, and dozens of food markets that are located in the open in Paris such as the Marche D’ Aligre which is pictured above and open the entire Sunday morning. Chinese, Mauritian, Tunisian and the common grocers in Belleville, as well as the Gobelins neighborhood, are also open in most cases.


Sunday Shopping At Le Marais

The Marais neighborhood is trendy and upscale but a number of shops in this area remain open on Sundays. The neighborhood is home to some of the most coveted fashion accessories as well as home design boutiques which remain open on a Sunday. Therefore it has become a habit among fashion-conscious Parisians to go on a weekend stroll in the community following brunch.

The Rue des Francs Bourgeois to which access is available from Mount Rambuteau or St. Paul has a concentration of open shops and included among them are the following. L’ Artisan Parfumeur, MAC, Zadig et Voltaire, the French chain Comptoir des Cotonniers, as well as artisan jewelry sellers along with boutiques of young designers. You should be going around the stores and taking a look at the collections on the history of Paris at the Musee Carnavalet which is also located on the same street.


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