Weekend Itinerary For South Of France Trip

Le Midi or commonly known as Southern France is famous for its beaches, nature, architecture and makes for a great weekend trip. Locally, the region is known as Le Midi which literally mean “in the middle of”. Spanning from Atlantic Ocean and located around the area of other European countries, giving its perfect warm, yet breezy weather which most tourists really love, you can do a lot in Southern France with a great weekend itinerary. It is like staying in Europe but feeling the tropical fever.

Summer has always been great in Southern France starts officially in the month of June and lasts until September. You will be happy to know that you can sun bathe along the beach coastline of the region without the scourging heat of the sun. The temperature during summer often plays around 18 ºC to 25 ºC only! You can stay under the sun all you want, though out the day.

We listed down activities you can include in your weekend itinerary in Southern France when you go to plan your next trip.


Southern France Weekend Itinerary

Tour Around The French Riviera

There are a lot of things you can see around the French Riviera. The place is the home of the world famous Cannes Film Festival in Cannes City, which recognizes brilliant movies from all over the world. If you are lucky enough to book early in time for the festival, you will be able to see your favorite Hollywood actors on vacation and at the same time to participate the annual event.

The overlooking bluish crystal water along coastline is such a perfect sight. Wait till you dip into the water and enjoy a sulk under the warm sunlight. The coastline connects historic villages and chic cities together that somehow tells a story on your weekend itinerary in South of France.

There are a lot of beach resorts and hotels you can stay there. Or if you want more hospitable accommodations, you can always ask locals from each town for room rental, and bed and breakfast stay. It is also chance for you to taste local authentic French food prepared with love by the locals.


Explore Nice

Still under French Riviera area, you can drive yourself or take a cab going to Nice. You should not miss the picturesque and amazing Mediterranean scenery of the city. The city is highly urbanized and a bit crowded but you will still be surprised how the city government was able to keep the natural beauty and historical value of the place.

You can check out different local restaurants, try out Spanish delicacies and local French food combined with perfect local produced wine. This is a place you want to make sure is part of your weekend itinerary of South of France.


Experience Luxury Vacation in St. Tropez

St. Tropez is famous as a weekend vacation haven for the elites and international socialites. They often come over the weekend at this small village because of the indulging luxurious activities. The exclusivity of the village for those who can afford makes it more attractive and a quiet getaway for jetsetters and trendsetters. The nature and the convenience of anything fancy can be found here.

Refined wines, tasteful food, topnotch accommodations, high-valued yacht, extravagant events, and all anything classy can be experienced in St. Tropez. You can still enjoy around the village even you do not anyone in St. Tropez. The thought of the exclusivity of the area is an additional motivation for you to visit the place.


Be Like A God And Goddess For A Day At The Nimes

The ruins in Nimes, the Nimes Maison Carree, are like the actual place where Greek gods used to live. The Roman temple’s architecture somewhat resembles what we often thought about the settings from where gods in the mythology.

From Nice, take time travel going to the Rhone of Languedoc Region. You should not miss visiting the place. Along the way you can enjoy a quick beach breaks and a view of the dry mountainous area around Massif Central.


Start Your Vacation With A Wine Tasting Experience

You do not want to get drank at the last day of your weekend trip in France. This might cause you from not catching your trip back home.

What better way to start it with wine tasting activity. You may choose from many winery in Southern France like the Chateau Lafite-Rothschild, Chateau de Pitray, Chateau Roubine, Chateau Pape Clement, and a lot more! You can both tastes the perfectly fermented grape fruit sauvignon and merlot wines. Special tour to private grapevine orchard and winery plant can also be enjoyed as well during your weekend itinerary of Southern France.


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