Visit Paris in April: Weather Conditions, What To See And Clothing To Pack

Here we go once more, a time when Paris in April is all of a sudden full of colors, apple and cherry blossoms, everyday-variety, daffodils, and green shots. A time the city that will look like all the most admiring banalities. Paris during April is deserving for all the songs and sonnets that was dedicated to it, even though the air may remain on the swift side sometimes.

April in Paris is a worthy month to look into several stunning Paris parks and gardens, especially when the locals are in good mood, and all you want to do is go outside and take a walk if it does not rain. Get some sun and warmth on a terrace of a cafe in one of the Paris’ magical neighborhoods. During April in Paris is also an ideal for doing some romantic things, so here are some lists to help and guide you on what are the top romantic things to do in Paris in April 2018.


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Guide On How To Pack For Paris In April

Here are some guide that are mostly proved helpful when preparing for your April visit on the French capital:

  • As a general rule, April in Paris remains lively, the temperatures are at around 8 degrees C. In case an oddly warm or cool day stealth on you, you may bring apparels that you can layer. And in case of a sunny day, pack light cotton shirts, shorts and, but do not forget to bring a few comfy socks, sweaters, and a spring coat.
  • April is normally a month for rainy days, and Paris is famous for its unsettled and all of a sudden downpours. So bringing an umbrella that can hold heavy rain and wind is an essential.
  • Always be sure to bring a sturdy pair of waterproof shoe wears. A trip to Paris in April can have a more than a possibility of a rainy weather. So don’t forget to bring a pair of shoe wear that are comfortable for you to walk, if you don’t want to destroy your trip with your splashy shoes and wet socks, in a city where walking and strolling is usually the best choice.
  • You can also bring sunglasses or a hat if you want to pass up your time relaxing in Paris’ best parks and gardens, because it will be going to be a sunny and hot day.


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The April in Paris Thermometer:

  • Minimum temperature: 7 degrees Celsius (44.6 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • Maximum temperature: 15 degrees Celsius (59 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • Average temperature: 10 degrees Celsius (50 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • Average rainfall: 45 millimeters (1.78 inches)


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