Things To Do In Paris With Kids – 2018/2019 Ultimate Guide

If you’re traveling to Paris with kids, you might want to know of the best things to do in Paris with kid. Paris is a beautiful city with lots of things to do to keep your kids entertained. Some of the best things for kids in Paris is the national landmarks including the Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum and Arc de Triumph. In addition, there’s lots of outdoor things to do in Paris with kids.

A museum that would tickle your kids mind and creation is the Louvre Museum. There are Louvre that can catch the interest of your kids like The Raft of the Medusa. Kids can also busy postcards and other souvenir in the museum.

Kids can also be educated through listening on audio guides using Nintendo 3D technology. Museums in Paris are open from Wednesdays until Mondays.


Climb To The Top Of The The Eiffel Tower

The most towering iconic architectural structure in Paris, France is the famous Eiffel Tower. Your kid/s will surely be amazed of the magnificent metal structure of all time. You can climb the tower through stairs or ride an elevator to see the topmost area of the Eiffel Tower.

Apart from being included in the list of man – made wonders of the world, the Eiffel Tower also boasts the unique design of lights attached to the towering steel in the middle of gardens and park.

After the design of the Eiffel tower has become a public domain, the intricate light display on the tower has been designed and registered as an intellectual property right of the company maintaining the tower.

Locals and tourists are therefore forewarned that taking, posting online and publishing of photo of the world famous tower at night is forbidden. Otherwise, you will face a huge some of penalty, and serve a jail time and public return service; in which you do not want to experience that on your trip.

Tourists can buy tickets in advance (and skip the line). The place around the area of the Eiffel tower also have small playground and carousel, picnic grove, gardens, bike and skating rink area, and more as part of the parks amusement facilities. See related reviews and article on How to get up the Eiffel Tower.


Visit Artworks At The Musée d’Orsay And The Louvre

Kids can also have fun looking at famous paintings and other art forms from world renowned artists like Picasso, Gogh and more. Your kids will really know more about the stories and artists behind the famous artworks. You can bring your kids to the Musee d’ Orsay and the Louvre.

The Tuilleries is one of the Paris’ best art museums. Kids can also create their own masterpieces as they will be inspired by the artwork of previous great artists.

The Louvre


Visit The Notre Dame Cathedral

The Notre Dame Cathedral is a magnificent and gigantic gothic church and is a great things to do with kids in Paris. It was designed with great love and passion. You kids will surely be amazed on how the church was intricately designed and built for more than 800 years ago.

Families can walk around the church and pass by to appreciate religious artwork pieces around the cathedral which commemorate the highlights of the Roman Catholic times in Europe.

And as an additional trivia, your kids will also be curious to know that the famous movie from Disney Pictures: Hunchback of Notre Dame was the inspiration of the location and setting of the movie.

The cathedral is open from Mondays through Fridays. Please be informed that opening and closing hours varies depending on events of the church.


Climb The Stairs Of The Arc de Triomphe

Families can bring their kids to the Arc de Triomph, which was built on late 1800’s as a victory symbol by troups lead by Napoleon over the Austrians and Russians at the Austerlitz.

Unlike the Eiffle Tower, the Arc de Triomphe has no elevator. If you wanted to reach the top of the arc, they have to walk through the stairs going up. The views from the top are worth the quick walk to the top. This is one of the best things to do in Paris with kids.

Paris Arc De Triomphe


Learn The Natural Science History At The Natural History Museum

Kids are naturally interested in biology, animals, ancient creatures (dinosaurs), technological advances (like Star Wars like machines), fossils and tombs (like Egyptian history and mummies), treasures, and more. Kids, and as well as adults, can really enjoy at the Natural History Museum.

The museum is able to keep and maintain various historical pieces and fossils that can catch attention and interests of kids. The museum closes at Tuesdays and the rest of the week are open to let tourists and other guests visit.


Pose For A Quirky Photo-Shoot At The Pompidou Centre

Kids will really love the weirdness of the Pomidou Centre. The Centre is too quirky enough that kids will be amazed on how the entire building and inside of it are all upside down, and inside out.

The building is names after the former president of Paris, Geroges Pompidou. The quirkiness and unconventional personality of the former leader reflects the whole architecture of the place.

The place also boasts different galleries of modern pieces of artwork like paintings, sculpture, and more. The Centre is open on Wednesdays until Monday, except on Tuesdays.


Stroll At the Luxembourg Gardens

The very nicely kept gardens can allow local Parisians and tourists to enjoy a good day at the Luxembourg Gardens. Kids can play around the play area at the playground , eat picnic with the family, sail on boats, ride carousel, watch puppet shows, buy on shops around the gardens, or just feel the cozy breeze brought about by blooming flowers and plants around the park.

Those are just few of many things kids and their families can do in Luxembourg Gardens. The park is open all days in a week to all the public visitors.


Walk Pass Through History Of The Royal Palace Of France At The Conciergerie

Everyone are actually never fail to be amazed and curious about the places, life story and culture of the King and Queens in the past. Parents can bring their kids to The Conciergerie to once again appreciate the monarch architect. Although, the structure is only a remain of the portion of what used to be the royal palace of France, it will still be an honor and an effective tool to teach kids about the history of France.

The Conciergerie, is an old structure that have been used and converted to different confinements, prisons, palace, and even like a fairytale expanse. Kids can take pictures of the tower and as well as wal around to see interesting historical pieces from the past. The building is open for public every day, Mondays to Fridays.


Watch Sea Creatures At A Giant Aquarium At The Palais de Chaillot

The Palais de Chaillot has the most attraction area among the tourists’ spots in Paris. Although one iconic recognizable structure is the Eiffel Tower, parents can basically end the day athe Palais de Chaillot.

Kids stroll around the area and watch different fishes on a large aquarium, watch films, and look at beautiful arts painting the area. Families can also shop, and eat on snearby the Palais de Chaillot.


Discover Various History Of Old Toys And Ancient Inventions Musée des Art et Métiers

And the last but not the least is to pay a visit at the Musee de Art et Metirs. This is a museum where largest collection of ancient inventions and mechanical gadgets are displayed. Kids will really enjoy discovering old toys in the past and as well as be amazed for how well-crafted the early inventions such as ancient mechanical clocks, calculators, etc.

The museum has also playground (Harry Potter Playground), nearby restaurants, arts work exhibit, early inventions displays, courtyard and gardens outside.



Paris does not allow taking pictures of the Eiffel tower once the tower’s lights are on (especially in the evening). This is in ordinance of the intellectual property rights of the lighting design of the famous Eiffel Tower.


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