Shopping In Nice: Vintage Clothes In Old Nice At The Golden Ring

If you like, outstanding fashion finds designer clothing at a discounted price, second-hand chic or unique fashion finds then the place to be is at Old Nice. This is one place where people who love bargaining and getting discounted shopping will find their likes. There are several retro thrift and vintage stores for shopping in Nice.


Vintage Shopping Locations In Old Nice

The first place you should start is at Caprice, 12 rue Droite for vintage shopping in Nice. This is the best vintage shop in Old Nice. It has two floors of electric and glamour sections starting from the 1920s to 1980s.

Emmaus is the other great store just across the street. This store is tiny, but it has such a big heart. Among the many things in this store is a one retro clothing rack near the back. It is worth your time, and it will be great to check it out. Here you will get magnificent shopping at a reasonable price.

Go on walking on rue Droite until when you get to the church then look on your right side. In that square is a consignment store known as La Belle Epoque Vintage. Here you will get great vintage fashion, and modern fashion finds for shopping in Nice.

Go back to the church and continue waling on rue Droite. On the next right side, cross rue Benoit Bunico, and you will get the tinniest fountained square in Old Nice. It is known as the Place Veille. It is right in front of Brok Antikart. The antiques here are all woven, and there are unique accessories, sumptuous purses, several glamor hats and wearable vintage clothes wows.

Go back to rue Benoit Bunico and turn on the left side. It is now time to take your coffee. When crossing the rue Rossetti, look under the white tasseled umbrella and up the street and get to Delit Delice. This area is tiny and antique-filled with tea. It is also half a living room for a grandma and half of it is a boutique. You will be served everything in vintage china cups and plates. You can also flip through the fashion magazines here as you take your tea. Pastries are also available, and you will love them all with the vintage clothes in Nice.

After you through go back to Benoit Bunico and look for a sidewalk taking you to O’Chineur. This is a quality boutique for consignment that lives to its name.

There is a Bubulle Café down the street that is brand new, a thrift store selling kids clothes and a Kid organic restaurant. This is an awesome place for every mom to visit for vintage shopping in Old Nice.

Trippy Hippy Market should finalize your visit to Old Nice. The clothes and the music here will take you back to the 190s and 1970s. You will also realize that you will be in the same spot that the journey began.


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