Paying Tolls In France While Driving In 2018/2019

Are you planning to visit France anytime soon? Then you have to know that road travels would be a big part of your tour. The country simply has a lot of expressways and motorways which they locally call as autoroutes. Going through the autoroutes would require that you pay certain a certain amount for passing through the roads. Here are some of the things that you have to remember when paying toll fees in the roads managed by the Vinci Autoroutes and the Vincipark.


Tips When Paying Tolls In French Roads

The autoroutes in France would ask you to pay different toll fee amounts depending on your destination and the managing company. Both the entry and points for every toll gate in the country are installed with machines where you will have to get and put back your ticket. The electronic cards would be able to track your travel and calculate the toll amount accordingly.


Toll Fee Payment Procedures:

  1. As you drive towards the toll gate, you will have to stop your car parallel to the toll machine. Be careful to insert your ticket in Slot 1 and not on any other slots on the machine. On the screen, you will be notified regarding the amount to be paid. Be ready of the amount immediately so as not to experience any hassle.
  2. Pay according to the amount stated on the screen. It would be nice if you have a French credit card because it will keep the transactions a lot easier. You simply have to insert your credit card on Slot 2. In case that you have no French credit card, then you could just pay using either Euro notes or coins. For the coins, you will have to place them on the slot which is labeled as Pieces. Then for the notes, you will have to insert the bills to the slot labeled as Billets. Do not worry about having the exact amount because the toll machines are always supplied with coins and bills for change. You can get your change from the slot labeled as Monnaie.
  3. You may also choose to get a receipt of the transaction by pressing the Recu button.
  4. If you encounter any problem during your exit or while making your payment, then you could simply press the button that is labeled as Assistance. This will prompt the toll staff to assist you. Remember not to move away from the toll gate once you pressed this button.
  5. If everything becomes successful, just proceed with your travel.


How To Pay Toll In France Using The Télépéage

According to those whom we have interviewed, it would be most convenient to pay using an electronic transponder which is locally called as télépéage. The télépéage is the choice of a majority of French travelers because it makes every journey faster without the unnecessary hassle of dealing with payments. However, the télépéage would only benefit those who are frequently traveling the roads of France. That’s particularly because getting a télépéage would require that you apply for a subscription and also pay for a transponder.

Please take extra caution when passing through the toll gates with only the “t” signage. That means that you can only pass through the gate if you have the télépéage or the transponder.


Toll Payment Using Euro Cash

Most tourists would choose to pay the toll fees using the Euro notes and coins. This is particularly because most tourists would not even bother to get a subscription for the transponder or even a credit card.

When entering the toll gate with an intention to pay only using Euros, you will have to remember to go only through a gate with a green downward-pointing arrow signage. This means that the toll machine accepts cash. Do not attempt to go through other gates without the green arrow most especially when you do not have the transponder or a credit card.


Toll Fee Payment Using Credit Or Debit Card

Toll gates in France that accept credit card or debit card payments would have a signage that bears a credit card logo. Once you see the signage, then that would mean that the toll gate is dedicated for those who are paying using credit or debit cards.

If you are a tourist who doesn’t have a credit card that is issued in France, then you must check first whether your particular card can be accepted in the French toll gates. Cards that do not have a microchip embedded on them may not be accepted by the machines. There had been instances when the machines would hold cards that are valid. You surely do not want the hassle of contacting the management for the cards to be returned to your possession, right? So always make sure that only valid cards will be inserted in the toll machines so as not to risk having your cards seized.


Toll Fee Amount

French toll gates also require varying amounts depending on your journey. It would be computed depending on the kind of vehicle that you are using and the length of your travel in the expressway. It would always be wise to have extra cash in your wallet just in case you encounter any problem with your credit card. Do not attempt to leave your hotel without any Euro notes or coins in your purse. Be reminded that French toll fees are usually very expensive. An 800-km travel in the expressway could cost you around 60 Euros.

The toll fee may be expensive, but the beauty of the French destination will surely give you so much happiness.


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