Paying Tolls In France When Driving – 2018/2019 Guide

When you go to France for a vacation, you must know that a significant amount of time will be devoted not just to the exploration of the cities and suburbs but also to traversing its different roads. There are autoroutes (also called as expressways and motorways) that allow travel from one place in France to another that require paying tolls in France. Most of these autoroutes are managed by reputable businesses such as the Vinci Autoroutes and the Vincipark.


Paying Tolls In France

How To Pay Tolls At Autoroutes In France

Whenever you pass through the autoroutes, you will have to pay a toll fee in France. These toll fees differ in rates depending on the destination and the rules of the managing businesses.

Upon entering the expressway, you will have to get a ticket to track your entry and exit. Just like other tollgates in many other countries, the expressways in France will also ask for payment at the end of the highway.

How do you pay the France toll fees? What could you use? Well, there are different options such as paying through a télépéage which is also called an electronic transponder, Euro cash, and credit card.


So How Do You Proceed With Payment For French Toll Fees?

  1. First, you will have to drive towards the gate and the toll machine. You will need to insert the ticket in Slot 1. After inserting the ticket, the machine will generate the total figure to be paid.
  2. Upon knowing the amount, then you have to insert your payment. If you are paying using a French credit card, you will have to insert the card in Slot 2. But if you are intending to pay using the euro coins, then you have to insert the coins into the slot which is labeled as Pièces. Then if you will pay using Euro notes, then insert the bills to the slot which is named as Billets. If you do not have the exact amount, don’t worry because you can still pay whatever bill you have because there is still a change slot which is labeled as the Monnaie. Once your payment is successful, you can proceed with your journey.
  3. But in case that you want to get a receipt, you can press the Récu button before proceeding.
  4. If you are encountering any problem, there is an option at the toll machine that can help you. Simple press the button that is labeled as Assistance. Just wait for a personnel to approach you and don’t move from where you are.


Paying Using The Télépéage

Most of the Autoroute companies would rather prefer to have the télépéage or the electronic transponder. You will know that a tollgate accepts the télépéage by seeing a signage “t” upon entry and exit. Getting a télépéage is definitely a lot more convenient than always paying in cash. However, it is really not advisable to get the télépéage if you are not a permanent resident of France. Before you can get your own télépéage, you will need to apply for a subscription and a transponder. If you are entering the tollgates using your own vehicle, never ever enter if the only signage that you will see is the one with a “t.”


Payment Using The Euro Cash

The Euro Cash may be the simplest solution for tourists and foreigners who are entering the expressways. You will know that Euro bills and notes are accepted if you see a signage on the tollgate with a green downward-pointing arrow. Never ever enter a gate when the green arrow sign is absent when paying toll fees in France.


Paying Through Credit Card Or Debit Card

You will know that a tollgate accepts credit cards if you see a credit card logo on the signage. If you see this mark, know that you must have a valid credit card for use.

You also have to know that not all credit cards may be accepted at tollgates. There are only specific credit cards that can be used such as those that have embedded microchips.

There is not a list of the cards accepted by the Vinci company. But we can assume that cards which bear the Carte Bleu or CB logo will be accepted by the tollgates. Also be careful of just inserting any credit card because some cards can even be held by the toll machines if they are not valid.

It is therefore, wise on your part to just not use any credit card in paying toll fees for safety purposes. You better hold extra Euros instead of risking your cards to be seized by the machines.


Payment Amount

Just like any other toll fees in other places, the toll fees in France charged depends on the distance that you have traveled on the expressway. Do not attempt to enter the highway without having prepared enough Euro cash. Know that toll fees in France can be extremely expensive. Make your research before driving your way to your destination. To give you an idea, let me share with you our toll fee when we went from the beautiful city of Paris to Marseille using our sedan. The total travel time was around eight hours. It’s like traveling less than 800 kilometers of road. The total cost of the use of the expressway was around 60 Euros.


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