Paris With Kids: A Guide For Things To Do In Paris With Kids 2018/2019 Edition

If you’re traveling to Paris with kids, it’s a good idea to know things to do in Paris with kids. There’s lots of different activities and tours that you can take to have a wonder trip in Paris. Some great things that you can do with your kids in Paris is learn about the history of France and view the national monuments all over the city. In addition, your kids will surely learn a lot about classic good food, artistry and architecture in Paris, France. Below is a guide of some great things to do in Paris with kids and some tours that your kids will love.


Familiarize Yourself With Transportation In Paris

It will be easier for you and your family to roam around the city knowing which transportation system is best for your tour for the day and what is the easiest route.You can enjoy sightseeing with your kids by riding bus, Metro, and suburban train- RER. Download the most updated recent map of the city to easily move around at Map of the Paris bus and Metro.


Important Tips To Tour Paris With Kids

Tour Packages

This is a hassle free way to avoid traffic, delayed schedule and expensive rides. The whole family can maximize the tour round Paris because all are properly scheduled and coordinated with the places to visit. It always pays well to get a tour guide


Eiffel Tower

The most famous tour packages in the city. Eiffel Tower is the most iconic structure your family must visit.

Note!!! You are not allowed to take pictures of the famous tower at night and even post a night photo of the Eiffel Tower due to intellectual property right reasons.


Seine River Boat Ride

You kids might also have fun to cruise the Seine River.


Chocolate Tour

Tour packages can allow the whole family to taste and tour around popular chocolate and candy shops in Paris. Chocolate Tour can also visit the most popular chocolate shop in Paris, the Debauve & Gallais.


Bakery Tour

The whole family will love to check out and try to bake French breads and cakes. Check out baking class schedule at The Macaron Cooking Class


Bike Tours

France is known for Tour de France international bike tournament, well the tour packages is nothing like it. But this tour package can pretty much indulge your kids to a fun and active biking spree. There are bikes rentals available for all ages even for adults. Search bike tour companies that offer this kind of packages like The Paris Tour or Versailles


Bus Tour

This package can get you to four places to visit at a convenience of tour bus. Popular places in the tour package includes Montmartre-Grands Boulevards, Montparnasse-Saint-Germain, Paris Grand, and Bastille-Bercy.


Find Out About Express Lanes At Tourist Spots

Your family can skip the long lines on popular site like Eiffel Tower, Musée d’OrsayCatacombs, LouvreVersailles, and the Notre Dame. You can buy tickets in advance and skip the line.



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