Paris In Summer- Weather, Things To See And What To Pack

As the summer months hit, the brutal pace of work slows for a short period, and the kids are let out from school – everyone take a moment to realize they need a breather. The perfect summers in Paris make for an ideal vacation spot, where festivals and events promise to make each warm day and night an experience to remember and talk about for years to come from your time in Paris in the summer.


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Why to love Paris in the Summer?

Although it may not seem ideal to visit in the summer when Paris gets its busiest, for some it is the optimal and perfect time to go. There is so much happening in the City of Love.

Summer events and festivals are not to be missed! A great many of them – such as the open-air cinema at the Villette park or the Paris Street Music Festival (Fete de la Musique) – are free to the public.

Visitors take the city by a storm and there is always someone new to meet. Paris in summer is a destination which aims itself to awe the tourists who flock into the city, millions of them year-round. One of the great perks of having so many new faces around is that there are always new friends to make and people to meet – this goes double for couples and students who are visiting on holiday or studying.

Being in Paris, there are so many places to alleviate stress and just relax, with many great nightlife opportunities, or just having a calming picnic at one of the elegant parks and gardens which can be located along the illustrious banks of the Seine. Even all-nighters abound by the dozens, where hopping between great Parisian nightclubs is an easy, enjoyable and a memorable experience when your in Paris in summer periods.


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What are the Negatives of Paris in Summer?

You may find some things to be excessively expensive. The usual spikes in airfare prices throughout the summer season means you should reserve flights and hotels well ahead of time. If you’re planning on taking the train, book tickets ahead of the time you go – and maybe buy direct at Rail Europe.

In case you don’t like crowds – Tourism begins to peak around May through early October, so if you plan on traveling during these times you’ll have to grow used to the idea of sharing your travels with many other people – especially during visits to Notre Dame Cathedral or the Eiffel Tower. Normally the metro is fairly crowded, as well as congested and quite hot. Make sure to dress in layers, even if it’s going to be relatively cool out.

As usual, expect weather to sometimes be rather unpredictable. Sudden rainfall for a long period can ruin your outdoor plans, so always have a backup. As well, hot and dry spells can prove hard and even dangerous on children and the elderly – pack lots of water and little snacks to keep everyone refreshed an going throughout the day.

But if the summer time is the only period of the year that you can travel here, it’s still worth to be in Paris in summer even with some of these drawbacks.


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