Paris In September 2018/2019: Weather, Things To See And What To Pack

Hotel and air charges take a dip with the rush visitor season meandering down, while the weather is as pleasant, if not more pleasant than it used to be in the summer months. The slipshod, summer-holiday atmosphere is still lingering all over the city, but nearly all the Parisians are back in town, making an appealing blend of enjoyment and genuineness. During Paris in September people looking to shun the overcrowded situations of the busy and high traffic season may choose September as the best period of the season to go to Paris. However, the latter part of September in Paris is most likely to be the better alternative so that you can avoid the last minute rush of the high season.

Paris in September 2018 can as well be a perfect period for enjoying a cruise on the Seine river or on Paris canals and waterways, particularly on sizzling days when breezes off the water present a welcome let off.


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A Few Highlights Of Paris In September 2018:

  • Through October:”Musical Waters” event at the Chateau de Versailles—this is an opportunity for you to enjoy the combination of classical music, water, and light in the gardens of the most famous chateau in the world, ideal for a mid-summer wander.
  • The Autumn Festival:The “Festival de l’Automne” Paris Autumn Festival has brought in the post-summer season with a hit by highlighting a number of the most undeniable works in modern visual theater, cinema, music, art, and other forms since 1972 through the middle of January 2016.  Consult the official website for program details in English.


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September Weather Outlook: How To Pack Your Suitcase?

If you’ve already made up your mind to travel to Paris in September, you’re possibly wondering what the weather’s expected to look like– and how to arrange your luggage in view of that.


The Thermometer In Paris In September

  • Least temperature: 13 degrees Celsius (55.4 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • Utmost temperature: 24 degrees Celsius (75 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • Standard temperature: 15 degrees Celsius (59 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • Standard rainfall: 53 millimeters (2.1 inches)




How To Pack And Prepare For A September Trip?

September in Paris 2018 is normally on the reasonably temperate and moist side, with standard temperatures at about 24 degrees Celsius/ 75 Fahrenheit. Rain is frequent and it isn’t strange for autumn-like circumstances to frustrate plans for outdoor activities.

Nevertheless, bizarrely hot temperatures have been known to strike Paris in the summer months in the recent years, and spikes in temperature may bang in September. Parents having infants and small kids, visitors with medical conditions, and elderly visitors should wait particularly alert to likely spikes in temperature, and take all the needed safety measures. Booking a hotel room that has air conditioning is one of them. Another thing is that you must ensure you keep abundance of water on hand and drink often, even when you don’t have any feeling of thirst.

Cloudy, rainy situations are common in September in Paris. Ensure you carry a strong umbrella and at least a pair of waterproof shoes with you.

Take a high-quality pair of walking shoes. Taking a trip to Paris in September normally involves lots of wandering, and the Paris metro is disreputable for its apparently never-ending passageways and stairs.

Warm, sunny days are still likely, as September is the tail-end of summer in Paris, pack clothes for both sunny and cool conditions. You should also consider bringing a visor or hat and other things for sunny days when you desire to spend time reclining in one of Paris’ best parks and gardens.


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