Paris In November 2018/2019: Weather, Things To See And What To Pack

One might expect that Paris is not a friendly vacation spot on November. But basically Paris is peaceful and quite in this month. Most well-travelled individuals might agree that Paris is tourist vacation holiday for all seasons. Paris in November, the City of Love transforms into a beautiful City of Lights.

Anywhere in the world now has bright light displayed in wide-vast area. Well, it all started from the original city of lights – Paris! While others are quite amazed on the shopping capital for signature brands of clothing line and shoes, Paris also offer good food.


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Weather update in Paris in November 2018:

  • Lowest Temperature: 41° Fahrenheit (5° Celsius)
  • Highest Temperature: 50° Fahrenheit (10° Celsius)
  • Average Temperature: 42.8° Fahrenheit (6° Celsius)
  • Average Rainfall: 2.1 in (54ml)


Travel Packing Tips For November In Paris

Pack clothes for chilly weather

Paris is a bit chilly and cold on November. Expect lower temperature, so you might as well as take the opportunity to wear those fashionable trench coaches as you walk along the streets of the city. Also bring extra coats, socks, leggings, gloves and jackets for your time in Paris in November 2018.

Bring water proofing accessories

Because of expected rainfall, it would be best to ready a rain coat or an umbrella during your sightseeing.

Wear comfy but wet protected footwear

It would also be best to wear boots because it may both warm you from freezing weather and protect you from wet road too. Or you can wear light sandals or flat shoes as these will be comfortable to walk around the city.

Pack light thermos

Yes, funny but you can buy stylish portable thermos that you can bring anywhere during your sightseeing. Because of the cold weather, you may want to ready yourself with a hot drink while you are not able to visit a restaurant or café yet.


November in Paris

Taking pictures of Paris in November in every corner is breathtaking especially the grandeurs structures like Paris’s many extraordinary museums where you can appreciate unique architectural designs. If you are in to art expressions you can visit art-house movie theaters, or take a short trip to see the Paris churches and cathedrals.

Enjoying coffee on café shops along the cobbled stone streets in Paris would basically give you a rustic ambiance. Taking selfie on Paris is never a problem. The background feels surreal and an Instagram worthy shot.

What so nice about November in Paris, there is fewer crowds. This is the time of the year you can enjoy great discounts and lesser lines on museums and famous tourist spots. This means, you can have more time to explore the metro without being stuck in long queue lines.

So, if everyone is off to other adventure to other countries, make this time of the year to enjoy Paris by yourself, away from the bustling April tourists. But of course, expect sudden rains and inconsistent weather at this time. You just have to be prepared and enjoy what comes along during your trip. It will be fun.


Visit Paris in November 2018!

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