Paris In March 2018/2019: 5 Must Do Things During Your Paris Trip

Are you considering going to Paris next March? Going by the report of a local, these are some things you can do in Paris in March 2018.

Of all the months of the year, March in Paris is a special and magnificent period to travel to Paris: this is the time when the spring is moving to France gradually with the days becoming longer and the city getting out of its hibernation little by little. But make sure you get yourself prepared by taking along some thick clothes to prevent the cold weather which can be of an average temperature of approximately 7°C/45°F. In addition, don’t forget an umbrella in case there is unexpected showers which are normal at this particular period of the year.

Here are diverse kinds of things you can try your hands on in Paris in March, according to a local! Take a Walk Around The City When The Paris Spring Hike is Going On

Spring Hike is an annual event in Paris and it normally takes place just at the start of the season. Without a doubt this is one of the best events and what you will enjoy doing in Paris during March! At this event, you can take part in the 12 km or the 20 km trail, and even make friends with some of the friendly and welcoming Parisians!


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Take A Trip To The Picasso Museum

After 5 years of reconstructions, the Picasso Museum re-opened for operations again last year. With this development, it is now one of the most contemporary and comfy museum of Paris. In addition, Picasso museum has the best painting and the most famous great artist of the Spanish. Skip-the-line tickets are the best and essential of all the museums in Paris if you choose to visit the place to see things for yourself. No matter your choice or taste from art galleries to nice French cuisine or shopping, you will have a great walk around the museum situated in the core of the Marais. This is a must do thing to do in Paris in March 2018.


Search For The Spring Sunshine By Traveling Around The Jardin D’acclimatation

Catching fun outside is another exciting and interesting way to enjoy Paris in March. As a result, if you want your visit to be more exciting, make sure you visit one of the many parks of Pariso no matter the situation or weather condition. Jardind’acclimatation with a small zoo and many activities for children, like the carousels and puppet shows are other interesting places in my list of best places you can visit for maximum relaxation and enjoyment of Paris at this period of the year.


Vintage Shopping In The Paris Flea Market

Of course, there are no fake items in the Paris Flea market. You are guaranteed the real authentic wares from experience dealers. The Paris Flea market is situated in the North of Paris immediately after the ring. Make sure you visit the place and you can locate the market on the maps you will find on Paris Flea market website.

With over 2000 shops to its credit, Paris Flea market is the largest established market in the world. A number of themes are only cloths while others are on the most astonishing antics you can get in Europe. You might have a tough time getting the nice spot because it’s a real maze but a must do thing while you’re in Paris in March 2018.


Take Pleasure in The Paris’ Museums And Monuments Without Queuing!

Paris is not as overflowing with tourists at this time of year as it used to be in the summer, therefore you can use this opportunity to visit as many monuments and museums as you like and explore more of Paris during March to make your visit to this beautiful at this time of the year a remarkable and interesting one. Your visit to Le Louvre during the summer period can be a boring and tiring experience because it is always filled to the brim with people and the cooling system is not functioning very well!


Celebrate St Patrick’s Day With The Irish Community In Paris!

Taking part and celebrating St Patrick’s Day with the Irish community on the 17th is another big event you will love on your visit to Paris in March 2018 if you prefer going out to have fun and enjoy yourself. Although you will definitely have lots of exciting moments watching places such as Moulin Rouge or Arc De Triomphe decorated with beautiful green light for the cool nightfall, these celebrations are actually not like the ones you will find in Dublin. Endeavor to wander around the 6th arrondissement where you will experience the best of pleasant Irish Bars and Pubs!


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