Paris In June 2018/2019: Weather, Things To See And What To Pack

Are you interested in visiting Paris in June 2018? June is the perfect month to book your trip if you’re hoping to see the city at its most lively and cheerful condition, and possibly one of the better times for summer travel to Paris.

Tourist season is getting to its climax and Paris wears its best face as the best metropolitan vacationer destination, possibly even living up to its name as an outdoor museum. June in Paris is definitely for you if the prospect of stumbling upon Paris in its expedition brochure guise is of great appeal to you and you are not in any way bordered about the crowds. However, if you lean toward claustrophobia, looking to experience Paris from a more local viewpoint, or want to keep away from paying ridiculous prices for hotels or plane tickets, avoid high season and wait until the winter or fall to visit Paris.


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A Few Highlights In Paris In June 2018:

  • Through June 10th: The 2018 French Open at Roland Garros—if you are one of the tennis fans, you must take part in this most exhilarating and significant tournament in France. Tennis legends such as Steffi Graf made their first appearances at Roland Garros, while the French Open keeps hosting a number of remarkable matches in the world.
  • June 21st: This is the time when the yearly Fête de la Musique (Paris Street Music Festival twists the cafes, bars, and the streets of Paris into a memorable (and free) merriment of all musical genres.
  • June 24th: The LGBT Pride Parade (Paris Gay Pride) takes the streets of the city of light by storm, and all and sundry are welcomed to the party. It is one of the most popular festivals of the year for locals and guests of all streaks.


Why To Love June In Paris:

Paris in June normally brings a negligent, still enjoyable and gregarious, mood in Paris. People are out and on, wandering the striking streets at a pace that appears relaxed to nearly all the North Americans, or taking cold drinks on sunlit terraces. Furthermore, this particular month plays host to more than a few yearly festivals worth seeing, and browsing the artistic shop windows of Paris in the best shopping districts of the city can be unforgettable when the weather allows.


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The Thermometer Paris In June 2018

  • Least temperature: 13 degrees Celsius ( 55.4 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • Utmost temperature: 35 degrees Celsius ( 95 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • Standard temperature: 17 degrees Celsius (62.6 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • Standard rainfall: 56 millimeters (2.2 inches)


How To Pack For A June Trip To The French Capital?

Contemplating on the way to pack your suitcase for your journey to Paris in June 2018? How do you layer for dips or rises in temperature? Here’s my recommendation on the matter:

  • June normally has both hot and brisk days, with standard temperatures at about 62 degrees Fahrenheit. Take the clothes that you will be able to layer if an abnormally hot or cool day sneaks up on you. Take along with you light cotton garments for sunlit days, but pack a light windbreaker and warm socks as well.
  • Take it or leave it, this is one of the rainiest seasons of the month, and unexpected thunderstorms are rather regular. For this reason, carry a dependable umbrella with you should these surprises you when you are on a picnic or stroll. It is advisable that you reschedule the picnic for another time if it appears dark and stormy outside and the air is heavy and humid — this is a sign that the famous storms of the city is looming.
  • Bring both covered-toed and open-toed shoes. You will be glad about the open-toed pair of shoes on hot days or excursions to the park, but you’ll require a good, comfortable pair of walking shoes also, particularly as visits to Paris normally entail lots of walking.
  • Consider taking along with you a hat or visor and other sun block for the sunny days when you desire to spend time relaxing in one of Paris’ best parks and gardens.


Ready to Book Your Getaway?

Go to renowned travel sites including TripAdvisor in advance to bargain for a good deal on your June stay. Riding a train from inside Europe? Good for you—because it is more cost-effectively friendly and you should use Rail Europe.


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