Paris In June 2018/2019: 5 Must Do Things

Well, Paris in June 2018 is the month of brides! A lot of recorded weddings are in this month. And most of these weddings are also happening in the City of Love. But, June in Paris is not just for brides and debutantes, it is the time of the year where Parisian pips can enjoy Paris the local way.

After the warm breeze air, and before the scourging cold weather in November, June is the perfect time to visit Paris. Paris is a mysterious place. Despite the city remains the same in all seasons, the rustic yet artsy design structure of the whole city is fascinating. Even locals are enticed by its beauty. Tourists kept coming back to Paris in June.

Local Parisians literally enjoy most of their time in June; this seems a break of the city form crowded tourists. Although tourists cannot also help but enjoy most of their time in Paris at this month, but trust a Parisian when they told you it is best time of the year to savor Paris. Below are only few of the best advice from locals on what to do in Paris in June 2018:


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Enjoy a Sporty Day in Paris

Aside from the famous Fête de la Musique in June, Paris also is holding one of the most popular French Open, Roland Garros Tennis Tournament. You can go there through Porte d’Auteuil or Michel Molitor stations to access benches and stands of the sports field.

The tennis open is so popular that it is expected by a lot of tennis fans around the world. You can also bring your whole family to watch the competition and also get to see famous celebrities who also watch the event as well while they’re in Paris In June.


Meet the Locals

When the sunsets, it appears like Paris is turning to a different place. The city becomes animated and brighter. Crowd gathers and seems a friendly atmosphere spurs up the air where people are full of smiles and greet each other. People walk on the timeworn pavement streets of Paris and enjoy the culture, food, friendship, and the whole metro.

You can enjoy June in Paris more by befriending a local Parisian to take you to see the best of Paris at night. Go where locals go, eat where locals eat, and do what locals do.


Experience Fête De La Musique

Every 21st of June, Paris’ famed music festival Fête de la Musique, make the streets lively and vibrant. The old city is filled with locals and tourist music lovers as professional and newbie artists play various genre of music. The place is full of musical festivities, food, and meeting people from around the world.

The music event is also brightening more by plausible performance by famous French musicians staged underneath the Eiffel Tower.


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Spend a Fun Picnic

Because of the perfect weather that Paris offers in June, you can set up a picnic for two on a romantic date with your partner or bring the whole family under the immense structure of the Eiffel Tower at Champs de Mars. The nice fine day can make your time with your family and friends even more worth remembering in Paris.

You can hear cheerful laughs and delightful acquaintance from people around; and enjoy indulging snacks or a good authentic take out French meal. The area surrounding the Eiffel Tower provides cozy garden and layered terraces.

If you are in Paris, you have to enjoy how local Parisians spend their afternoons in the parks. You can free your mind from busy city tour, read a book or have a long chat with your friends there. Locals even take a swift rest on the park as the place can truly bring a relaxing atmosphere for your time in Paris in June 2018.


Frolic in the River in Paris

How romantic is it? Paris cannot be anything more than City of Love if not with its delightfully magical ambiance. Take a long stroll along Seine River. Frolic in the view of Paris’ majestic acreage on one side and another on a grandiose coastline. The buoyant air while you walk on the river bank seems like a scene from a romantic movie.

Or you can also actually sail away on the river Seine. Enjoy the famous ‘Bateaux Mouches’. Dine in a cruise on one of the yachts of Vedettes du Pont-Neuf while admiring the Paris’ landmarks. This is one classic manner to taste wonderful French food.


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