Paris In July 2018/2019: Weather, Things To See And What To Pack

Paris in July makes for a thrill ride – if not an overcrowded ride – which will sweep you off your feet and surprise you at every turn. Most of the locals will have sprung from their nests to holidays of their own, and as tourist season sets into its peak, expect things to get swimming.

Be ready for many new faces and constant surprises from people who know their facts, artists, and information to help you to enjoy the city’s busy museums and top tourist attractions.


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What to Pack/How is the Weather?

If you’re thinking on what to pack into the folds of that deep suitcase of yours, Paris in July 2018 thermometer should be around these numbers:

  • The average temp: 20 degrees Celsius
  • The lowest temp: 14 degrees Celsius
  • The highest temp: 25 degrees Celsius
  • And the average rainfall meter: 2.5 inches or 55 millimeters


Here are a few highlights to keep in mind:

  • July 14: As always is Bastille Day and marks what was the beginning of the French revolution, and the country’s triumphant struggle to becoming a republic. La Fête de la Bastille is a patriotic and breathtaking event which none should ever let themselves miss. Throughout this day there are amazing parade and fireworks to be enjoyed and watched from many of the beautiful parks and gardens. Read our guide on Bastille Day here.
  • July 23rd:Take a stand and watch the yearly competitive bike race, Tour de France bike race, as the final stretch happens along Avenue des Champs Elysées.
  • Open-air Cinema at the Parc de la VilletteThe free summer screenings of movies are for all types and ages – take a picnic, take a seat, and enjoy each magical night as you’re in Paris in July.


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July in Paris 2018 & Why to Love it!

July typically has a laid-back and relaxed feeling to it, where locals and victors begin to spring from their offices and take to the sunny outdoors. They head to the fabulous parks and roam the ever-eventful streets.

Paris in July 2018 have many different markets and stores open to the public. In early July wander through fashion stores and thrift stores alike, hunting after the new French trends and fashions. Visit the antique stores and search for rare valuable and even rarer books. There are always amazing deals and everything to anything you might want during the summer sales in Paris.

Or hop off the ground and onto the water to experience boat tours of the Seine along the winding, sometimes narrow, sometimes wide Parisian canals and waterways. During these trips, the cool breeze off the deep waters can be such a reprieve from the muggy heat; lunching or dining onboard each trip can make for an especially memorable experience during your time in Paris in July.


Spending a July in Paris can prove to be pleasantly warm to moderately cooler. In recent years, however, any heat waves which have struck, happen particularly in the later weeks of July, with temperatures sometimes climbing to the 90’s (Fahrenheit). Be aware that all elderly visitors or those touring with medical conditions should be prepared for suddenly hot weather. Certainly, reserve a hotel room with air conditioning.

Being one of the rainiest seasons which can hit pack yourself a wide and a good umbrella, just in case it rains suddenly on your lovely picnic or stroll.

Make sure to pack yourself a hat and other sun protective gear for hot days when all you want to do is relax in Paris’ best parks and gardens.

Bring closed-toed and open-toed shoes. This depends for the most part on the weather, but you’ll also want a good pair of shoes too, especially since the majority of visits to Paris entail walking.


Are you ready to book your trip?

You want to book early and lock in a good deal for July – my opinion is to visit sites like TripAdvisor and direct book your trip.


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