Paris In July 2018/2019: 6 Must Do Things

What to do while you’re in Paris in July 2018?

As the summer sun hits, and world warms up, Paris in July transfers itself from the gloomier winter months into a paradise for locals and tourists alike. Where people move from office suits to shorts and flip flops, from dresses to swimming suits and bikinis – heading out to soak up the sun and explore the wonders of the summer city unfolding around them.


Do not miss watching the Tour De France Finale!

Have you heard of the Tour de France bicycling race? It happens each year throughout the country of France and end in Paris! The 2018 year marks the 105th ceremony of the sporting race Tour de France – where the world’s best cyclists have been competing and racing over 3500 km of many mountainous, coastal, and rural terrains. Be prepared to watch the finale of the Tour, ending on a decisive sprint – July 23rd down the Champs-Elysées.


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Walk or Ride a Bike Around Paris

Riding a bike through la Coulée Verte – also known as “la Promenade Plantée” – is truly a memorable experience. The trail is around 5 km long, and is composed of beautiful tree-lined cycling paths and elevated gardens. Many people walk or choose to ride through the gardens – including gardens or ‘le jardin’, de Reuilly, le square Charles-Péguy, and Hector Mallot.


Celebrate the most Historical French Celebration With Locals

‘Fête Nationale” or ‘national holiday’ in English comes around each year on the 14th of July. You might know it better by its name ‘Bastille Day’. It’s a wonderful holiday that observes the beginning of the French revolution, and the locals go to great lengths to participate and acknowledge the beginning of the French revolution and their long struggle for democracy.

If you’re visiting Paris at all during the summer season, this is the best date to be around for. During the day join the crowd and cheer at the fantastic parade – 10 am sharp along Champs-Elysées Avenue. And then as evening sets in make your way outdoors and go dancing at one of the many abundant balls which are organized by the city.

Then once darkness has really settled – 11 p.m sharp – pick a good spot perhaps just under the Eiffel Tower, or upon the stairs of Trocadéro – and do not miss out on the most unforgettable fireworks above the garden of Champ de Mars. Which means making sure to come early to get the best spots. Even try for the Place de la Concorde or at Jardin des Tuileries, for here the view remains just as spectacular and any person can have their chance to take long stunning panoramic pictures of the city on Bastille day while you’re in Paris in July 2018.


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Visit A Fun Fair Like You’ve Never Imagined!

An excellent way to spend an afternoon is by visiting Fête des Tuileries.

This fun fair hits the city every year from June 24th to August 27th, and not only does it provide the city with a brilliant display of light and toys and events, but it has a very traditional family atmospheres. Including a plethora of booths, attractions, and fun rides for children, parents, friends, family, and lovers alike.

Parisians and those touring through Paris in July 2018 love and rave about all of these activities, events, and more – it is truly a social season you do not want to miss.


Take a Flight Over Paris City

If you’re looking for privacy, then float up into the air and away from the crowds, in le Ballon de Paris – a wonderful hot air balloon flying over the Parc André Citroën. The park itself will always surprise with its gleeful glasshouses, fantastic waterfalls, breathtaking computerized water shows, and majestic wilderness/themed gardens.

Of course, taking up into the air can be quite amazed as well – taking in the the panoramic view of the massive city from balloon. There are few who know to come to Paris and fly in balloon over the city – where the weather is perfect and the day is bright, this is truly on of the Jewels of visiting in Paris in July 2018.


Take Part in the Eclectic Parisian Sales

It’s rather hard not to treat oneself to the current and most alluring Parisian trends – especially considering that Paris is renowned for being the fashion capitol of the world. To this end, it would be quite a shame to miss out on the summer sales which proceed from the 28th of June through till August 8th. During this period, amazing discounts start from 30% off the original sale price. During the final days of the sale, can even reach close to 70% off and lower. From the ideal and smaller trendy fashion shops like the Marais to more Grands Magasins – the Galleries Lafayette, Bon Marché, and Printemps.


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