Paris In February 2018/2019: 7 Must Do Things

Paris in February is a place has so much to offer. Whether you visit Paris in December where the Christmas holiday lights may entice our eyes in owe, in February – The beauty of the city still lingers.

More often than not, Paris is every girls dream for high fashion couture. A shopping mecca for designers clothes, signature bags, and luxury hotels. It is funny to think that may be once in a life time of every woman once dreamt of having a dream wedding in Paris. The best place to shop in Paris is called Galeries Lafayette.

There is something magical about February in Paris  – the restaurants, chocolates; the branded shoes, wine and the language itself are remarkable!


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Sightsee the Countryside of Paris

If you prefer a more laid back holiday, you can go to Paris from February 25 until March 5. The Salon de l’Agriculture is a great experience to do in Paris in February 2018 located in the metro’s country side.


Romantic Activities

February is the month of love. You can never go wrong in taking your date in Paris. The city itself screams love is in the air. Check out places which are perfect for your holiday Valentines treat.

The bar of the Terass Hotel

The expensive hotel bar shows a great view of the city which is strategically located of Montmartre located at 12 rue Joseph de Maistre, and station Blanche.

Le Kong

The bar is cheaper and more cozy which can be visited at Kenzo headquarters at rue du Pont Neuf and station Pont Neuf.

Opera Garnier

Well, if you prefer a more romantic date, you can catch authentic opera on Opera Garnier.

La Pagode

Another romantic date will be at a cinema house. You can watch movies at La Pagode at bis rue de Babylone and Saint François Xavier.

Or, you can buy your tickets to Paris and create your own the wonderful city of Paris in February 2018.


Visit Renowned Landmark in Paris

If you have not seen the Arc de Triumph and the Eiffel Tower yet, probably it is time to plan your next trip to Paris. The old cobbled streets of Paris may make you fall in love again.


Experience Traditional Paris Festivities

Feel the atmosphere of century old celebration of Paris. Celebrating a festivity with locals will give you a surreal feeling. Here are few festivals you might check out in the month of February in Paris.

Paris Carnival

A banquet and parade held in the streets of Paris. This celebration started in the middle ages where commoner and pauper can dress up and pretend to be Kings or prominent people of ancient times.

Chinese New Year

Yes, you read it right. Chinese New Year in Paris! Another parade extravaganza of colorful floats costumes and banners.


Be Friend French Chefs

Paris is all about fashion, design, architecture and of course, food experience. Your adventure in Paris is never complete, if you are not able to sample all the various tasty local dishes. You have to challenge your tongue pallet with intricacy and sophistication. Well, being able to meet the person who perfected the preparation of food you eat is like winning a lottery. It is like meeting an inventor of the things you are enjoying. A close encounter and being able to talk to a French Chef in Paris may give you more admiration about the dishes you try. It is a good adventure. Plus you may get a complimentary dish! You do not need a muscle to hang around with a chef, just a smile and an appreciative gesture.


Aim for the Winter Sales in Paris

A great excuse to visit Paris in February 2018 is for all the sale shopping. On January 6 to February 16 this year, the “Les Soldes” will take place. It is a French phrase meaning Winter Sales! If you are into collecting designer bags and branded shoes, make sure you plan your trip to Paris in the month of February. You will find great deal of high end brands, located in 40 Blvd Hausmann in station Chaussée d’Antin-Lafayette and Galleries Lafayette. The sale is an annual promotion, in order to give way to new products for the next seasons.


Try the Delightful “Raclette” in Paris

What better way to complete your Paris trip is to enjoy a warm and sumptuous local deli “Raclette”. Check out restaurants in Paris that offers this local food like at 3 rue Geoffroy-l’Angevin in station Rambuteau, 58 rue de Charonne in station Ledru-Rollin, Le Chalet Savoyard, or Vin et Fromage,

It is a local delicacy which originally prepared in mountain areas of Paris. The distinctive taste this dish is a perfect combination of melted cheese on hot potatoes and charcuterie.


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