Paris In April 2018/2019: What To Pack, Weather And Events Going On

The City of Lights, one of the most beautiful on Earth, is one that is the epitome of class, elegance, history and a certain joie de vivre! Paris is the embodiment of late jazz nights, it’s the smell of espresso as you walk down the cobble stoned streets, it’s the dimly-lit sidewalk cafes, it’s the majesty of the Louvre, the narrow winding quartiers, it’s sweeping boulevards and a rich cultural heritage. To be able to enjoy it to the fullest, Paris in April 2018 is the best time to come to the city of love. You’ll enjoy the cheaper prices of traveling costs and less crowds of tourists compared to the summer months.

There’s really so much to do in Paris in April, the city is dotted with hundreds and hundreds of experiences to be had, begging to be explored. As an all-year round destination, Paris is almost always packed with tourists. But April…..oh, April! The best month to visit Paris without a doubt, the perfect juxtaposition between mild weather and having the city to yourself!


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Paris is tourist-ridden in the months of December and January, and of course throughout the entire summer months, removing the sense of French rawness of the city and replacing it with an identity-less vibe from the amount of tourists. April though….The blooming flowers of spring, the slight breeze in the air, the ultimate sensory overland, and the surrounding greenery are enough to make you pack your bags right now and head to Paris in April 2018.

The prices on airline tickets and hotel rooms are low, you can get incredible discounts, the misty spring days don’t get ruined with hoards of tourists, and the general vibe of the city is just an ultimate good mood.


The Weather

Unfortunately, the weather in April in Paris is quite unpredictable. One week you can be enjoying sunny days on the lake with temperatures reaching up to 15 degrees Celsius, and other days you can be running from rainy showers with temperatures of 7 degrees Celsius, so it really is a hit-or-miss experience. One thing that is sure, however, is that the weather ultimately keeps getting better throughout the month. You’ll be enjoying nine hours of sunshine, and the blooms of spring!


What to Pack

It’s advisable to get a waterproof jacket with you when in Paris in April, an umbrella and a thermal sweater to wear under your clothes. The best thing to do is to layer, layer and layer! This way, if you find yourself getting hot and uncomfortable after wearing your entire wardrobe, you can quickly change your style! Make sure to pack a warm sweater, water-proof boots or shoes, and a nice jacket.


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What’s Happening in April in Paris

  • Paris Marathon – Whether you’re an avid runner or a lazy couch potato like I am, attending the Paris Marathon is an incredible experience. Of course, you can join the marathon and run with the runners, but you can also take the walking route and give yourself the ultimate Paris tour while walk around, exploring winding alleys and all the neighborhoods you otherwise would have definitely not seen! The Marathon starts at Champs-Elysees up to the Bois de Vicennes so you’ll be seeing a lot.
  • Banlieues Blues Jazz Festival – Paris is a haven for jazz fanatics, and this festival, located just a little bit outside of Paris is an incredible place to enjoy beautiful live music and revel in the Parisenne atmosphere.
  • Free Garden Concerts – A free concert? Incredible. A free concert in a garden? Even better. A free concert in a garden in Paris? Yes yes please! Check with the tourist office for the latest garden concerts, and immerse yourself in an unparalleled music experience.
  • Foire de Paris Starting from the end of April up until May, this fair is the perfect place to sample wine, try French delicacies, or even do shopping! You can spend a few hours or an entire day choosing from one stall to another – it’s a shopper’s paradise!


Hopefully this guide will allow you plan for your upcoming trip to Paris in April 2018. The main reason to travel to the city of love during this month is the lower cost of lodging/airfare and the lower amount of tourists that fill the streets of Paris.


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