Paris In April 2018/2019: Weather, Things To See And What To Pack

In the month of April in Paris is turning into a beautiful colorful land. Local residents and tourists frolic into the gorgeous blooming flowers in Paris parks and gardens around. Summer is the best way to escape from rains and tour around the city of Paris. You can take a long hike and settle for quick breaks in cafe terrace, or be acquainted and meet people from neighborhoods. Paris is an all year round vacation heaven. There are so many things to do when you are in Paris in April 2018.


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Bags to Pack for Paris Adventure

You always have to be prepared and well packed when you travel. Not planning your stuff to bring can easily ruin your trip. Here are few tips on your considerations on what to bring to survive in French vacation for April in Paris.

Be ready for on the – light clothes and few sweaters

With the highest recorded temperature of 15 °, you must generally bring light clothes like t-shirts, loose pants but would also need sweater or shawl to layer on what you wear when the temperature drops.

Bring protection for rain

Even Paris in April, rain showers are also expected. You might want to ready your classy umbrella or any rain proofing material.

Pack extra footwear

It is also wise to bring extra footwear that can withstand wet pavement as you walk around the city of Paris in April 2018 when it rains.

Carry head and eye protection gear

Feel like a real tourist. You will always have to bring your hat or cap and of course, sun glasses to protect your eyes in the heat of the sun while exploring Paris’ best parks and gardens.


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Weather update in Paris in April 2018:

  • Lowest Temperature: 44.6° Fahrenheit (7° Celsius )
  • Highest Temperature: 59° Fahrenheit (15° Celsius)
  • Average Temperature: 50° Fahrenheit (10° Celsius)
  • Average Rainfall: 1.78 in (45 ml)


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