Paris For Vegans: Living As A Vegan In Paros- Best Paris Vegan Restaurants

Are you into healthy living or even Vegan eating in Paris? Do you have second thoughts about going to Paris as a Vegan because you are afraid that there would be not enough food options for you?

The dilemma could be serious for those who are really dedicated to maintaining their vegan diet in Paris. Although Paris is known for serving some of the most sumptuous food and for having one of the best culinary traditions, know that there are still great restaurants in Paris for vegans like you. Thus, Paris for vegans is definitely an acceptable concept that must entice you to visit the city.


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Paris, as the City of Lights, does not only offer art exhibitions. It has also frequently served as a host to a lot of celebrations and festivals for vegetarians. As a matter of fact, a regular activity called the “Journée Sans Viande” is conducted every March 20. If you will translate the name of the event, you will find out that it actually means “Meat Out Day.” Although it only promotes being vegetarian for only a day, we think that it is already a wonderful move to make Paris a lovely place for vegans.

Journée Sans Viande is celebrated to increase the knowledge of people about the dangers and hazards of extreme meat consumption. It is to promote the vegetarian way of life. It helps people realize that there could be a more beautiful method of sustaining our body aside from eating meat and junk.

Apart from the Journée Sans Viande, another event that is associated with the celebration of the vegan way of life is the Veggie Pride. This is a public demonstration that is participated by those who are enthusiastic about the same cause. It happens for 3 days and during these days, they also go to the Congress in order to hear out their cries and lobby for their own cause. This particular event happens from October 6 to 8 of every year. Aside from being able to promote a healthier lifestyle, the demonstration is also a cry to protect the welfare of the animals who are continuously being hunted and killed for human consumption.


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If you are still worried that you won’t be able to eat anything in Paris for a vegan, then we urge you to stop worrying. Almost all the restaurants in Paris actually offer delicious vegan dishes in Paris. We think that the awareness is increasing that even business owners are starting to adopt the vegan way of life on their own menu.

Although there is no need to worry about finding an acceptable and really sumptuous vegan dish, please set your expectations straight. Paris is still filled with cafés and restaurants that have a lot of meat dishes on their menu. It would still be difficult to find a restaurant that is solely devoted to cooking veggie meals. But to help you out, we are providing you a list of Paris vegan restaurants to try for your Parisian tour.


Some Of The Best Vegan Restaurants In Paris To Try:

My Kitch’n: 82, rue Lemercier

Are you looking for organic options and gluten-free choices? Then you have to head on to My Kitch’n. This restaurant can be found inside Paris’ oldest markets. If you are planning to get on a Montmartre tour, we suggest that you grab a cup of coffee in this restaurant first. Their Marley Coffee will certainly awaken your senses. Have your tummy filled with vegetarian burgers and gluten-free pastries. And if you would like to feel refreshed, they also offer smoothies with fruits and veggies as the main ingredients.


Vegan Folie’s: 53, rue Mouffetard

You will be able to reach this restaurant by going to the Latin Quarter which is very easy to find along the streets of Paris. This restaurant is widely visited for its delicious cupcakes and sandwiches that are all of the vegan ingredients. You can come here in case you get hungry during a museum tour in the afternoon. Also, do not forget to try their pies. They have some of the best vegan pies in France!

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Le Potager du Marais: 24, rue Rambuteau

If you would like to shop for some of the most luxurious items in France, then you will surely visit le Marais. It is in this place where you can find posh boutiques and inviting restaurants. Among the food options that you will certainly get a glimpse of during your visit is Le Potager du Marais. This is among our favorite vegan restaurants because it offers traditional cuisines that are made using vegan ingredients. Apart from the lovely items on the menu, we also extremely adore their rustic theme that seemingly transports us to the very quaint time of Paris in the past. You must definitely try their tarte, gratin, and the many options for their dessert.

Because this restaurant is located in a very busy part of Paris, we recommend that you get your own early reservation. It is to make sure that you get a good spot for your quality dining experience. Prepare at least 20-30 Euros for a dinner with your loved one.

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