Paris First-Timers: The Ultimate Cheat Sheet Guide

If you are going to ask if what is the most romantic and most fashionable city to visit to? What city can you think of? We may all answer in unison – Paris! With all other popular pet names for Paris like City of Love, Most Romantic place in the World, City of elegance, Most Fashionable City, Land of the Signature Outlets, Fashion Capital of the World, and a lot more! There’s so much to see and take in, it’s a good idea for a cheat sheet guide for Paris first timers.

Eiffel Tower, is a towering symbol officially opened in public, which represent the whole Paris. It is an intricate and complex piece of structure made to symbolize the city’s awesome architecture and amazing culture. The famous tower was able to cater to hundred and millions of tourists around the world, as all climbed the tower with amazement and inspiration. This is one of the most popular tourist activity in Paris and thus for a Paris first-timer it’s a good idea to use our tips below to have the best experience avoid waiting in lines.


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And another famous tourist destination in Paris is the Notre Dame Cathedral. The church is well-known for the inspiration of Disney’s Hunchback of Notre Dame. The cathedral is open for everyone. Just check out schedule for local feast celebration or mass held at the church. The top area of the cathedral can give you the best view of Paris.


Tips and other Cheat Sheet to Paris for First Time Visitor of the City

Research on the best accommodations you prefer.

Are you kind of a person who wants to have all the luxury and is willing to pay the price? There are a lot of high-end 5-star hotels in Paris, like Hotel de Buci and Hotel le Petit Paris. The closer to the metro, expect the more expensive, but worth it. As a Paris first timer, it’s suggested to read the reviews that can be found on TripAdvisor and sites like that.

If you travel with a family, there are also villa and family package accommodation. You can visit and check out more lists of family friendly hotels at and TripAdvisor

For group of students or if you are kind of splurging more in food shopping and sightseeing, rather than spend on expensive accommodation, you can find reasonable priced hotels or rooms at websites such as HomeAway and Airbnb.


Rely on Paris Metro

The major transportation in Paris is though Paris Metro. Tickets can be purchased for a single ride or multi-day. Make sure you are aware of the validation dates of your train tickets. For first timers in Paris, you might be afraid to use the public transportation, but it’s the easy and best way to travel in Paris. There are also taxis available in the city, but it is best to book in advance first.


Taking Pictures of Eiffel tower at night is prohibited

For first time tourists in Paris, please be reminded you are not allowed to take picture of Paris at night. It is due to intellectual property rights of the light design of the tower. Otherwise if you did take a picture, posting online or written publication must need a clearance with the designer of the lights.


Pay a little on a Paris Pass or VIP Pass

You can skip long lines for exclusive entrance to famous tourists’ destination in Paris but you need to pay a bit more than usual. Check out with local ticketing office. This is the biggest tip for Paris first timers, you’ll save both money and time by doing this ahead of time.

In addition to, you can save 10€ on admission ticket to Sainte-Chappelle for day tour and evening concert. The VIP or the Paris Pass can let you skip long lines in the Arc de Triomphe, and go directly on top of the Arc.


Window shop first, before buying

There are a lot of high end shops you can splurge into shopping like in Champs-Elysees. Look around first before buying, so you don’t quickly spend all your money in one place.


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Indulge a chat with the locals

Enjoy a little and friendly chat with other tourists and locals around. In restaurants, there is no need to hurry. You can wait and have a tête-à-tête with the waiter while you wait for your order.


Beware of scammers and fixer

Be aware of who you are talking to or transacting business to, because you might end up paying for nothing. If you are not willing to pay for the extra charges for the special pass, you may still enjoy falling in line with the rest of other tourists though.


Purchase tickets in advance

Expect that there is a big crowd of tourists and French locals all year round visiting Paris. So it is better to be armed with tickets prior to arriving to the tourists places. Skipping purchasing lines will give you an ample time to tour around the city. It’s highly suggested for a Paris first timer to book tickets in advance as some waiting times can be around 3-4 hours to get in popular tourist areas.


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Plan your visit in Louvre Museum

The museum has thousands of artwork plus the building is quite huge, you can plan and map out location and categories of arts you truly enjoy and worth your time to stay a little bit longer.


Go to the tourist destination the earliest as possible

If you skip long lines in buying tickets in advance, make sure skip long lines to enter the Eiffel Tower or Notre Dame Cathedral by going there while there is no pool of tourists yet.


Visit the Louvre more than once

With over 35,000 paintings, including the world famous Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa; One day visit is not enough to see and appreciate all those amazing artworks in the museum.


Walk the streets of Paris

The whole Paris is indeed a huge tourist destination. You can just walk around the historical concrete alleys of Paris and feel the vibe, enjoy food on authentic Parisian restaurants, listen to street musicians, shop for small trinket of souvenirs on flee market, and have a little discourse with local street artists. Such places like Sacre Coeur Basilica, or Montmartre area.


Enjoy street food Paris!

Well, contrary to the usual conception about Paris that that city is exclusive to anything high –end and luxurious, not at all. You can indulge yourself a free – spirited food craze around the Paris’ street. There are alleys that can surely make your heart melt with all the variety of French food. A Paris first timer should absolutely attempt to enjoy as much street food as possible

There are French breads and other sweet cakes and baguettes from Paris’ bakeries. A line of café shops and chocolate drinks stores can make you feel comfy. And of course, do not ever forget to try authentic French Croque Monsieur grilled ham & cheese.


Travel card is an option

If you really intend to visit almost all the tourist places in Paris, it is best to add more purchases such as Travel Card. But if you plan other activities in the city, this option may not be best for you.


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