Paris Events July 2018/2019

July Paris Events And Popular Festivals

Bastille Day

French on this day commemorate on their revolution and their chaotic and long journey of independence. This is the same as La Fête de la Bastille day of the Americans. This is a day you should not miss when you get to Paris and is the main Paris event in July 2018. It’s also suggested that you do a picnic in the gardens and beautiful parks of the city. This day will have top-notch fireworks, and you will love to watch them. Before nightfall there will be a military parade that is pretty traditional and this will give a hint on how people from French show respect to their country. The eve of the day starts the Bastille Day with “Le Bal du 14 Juillet” an enormous dance party.


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Paris Plages

There is a full on beach in Paris. The pop-up beach operation is an exciting event to attend. It has different attractive features among them water sports, boating’s, cafes, games and fun areas. Paris Plages was launched in 2003, that has since been a real success, and millions of tourists have come to Paris courtesy of it. You can spend the hot nights of January enjoying the live concerts in Paris for free or taking a drink in their open-air bars and is a great event in Paris in July.


Open-Air Cinema Festival

This cinema festival is celebrated on the 20th day of July – August 20th. It is done at the Parc de la Villette. You will see the great movies in the land through the big outdoor screens. This is one reason that July is an excellent month for aficionados. You will not be charged to enter, but you may pay a small fee if you borrow a chaise longue.


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Exhibits And Arts Highlights In July 2018

Auguste Rodin – The Centennial Exhibition

Auguste Rodin is one of the most productive and gifted artists in France. An exhibition will be held in Grand Palais on the 31st day of July reflecting on his legacy, work, and life. This is an event you can miss especially if you like history and sculpture. You are advised to get your tickets early in advance before they get finished for this July Paris event.


Portraits by Cézanne – Musée d’Orsay

Paul Cezanne is another great painter whose work will impress you. He is known by many for his transcendent landscape portraits. The event is held in September at Musee d’Orsay. His portraits will be exhibited in summer through the 24th date of September.


Tokyo-Paris: Bridgestone Museum of Art -Collection Ishibashi Foundation

This exhibition is hosted on the Tokyo Bridgestone Museum of Arts. It is becoming so popular, and this is evidenced by how fast the tickets are bought. It displays masterworks from Caillebotte, Matisse, Pollock, and Monet among others. It will be held on 21st August in Musee de l’Orangerie. Ensure you get a ticket early in advance if you plan to attend this Paris July event.


Karel Appel: Art as Celebration!

Karel Appel is a sculptor and contemporary Dutch painter best known for his experimental paintings. The 20th day of August is the great day of this great painter at the Modern Art Museum in the Paris city. He is the co-founder of CoBra arts group, and even after his death, his paintings remain impressive to people.

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Shakespeare’s Garden Theater Festival

If you want to go for a romantic and relaxed picnic, then you will love it when you visit Bois De Boulogne Park. Visit the open-air theater in July at Bucolic and enjoy your time.


Free Concerts at Paris Plage: (FNAC Live)

There will be many concerts and events in Paris in Tandem, and they will all start in July. The best news about this air concerts is that they are free. They will happen together with Paris Plages operations that happen every year.


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