Paris CDG Shuttle Hotel/Flughafen – 2018/2019 Guide

No beed for courtesy buses. Do you know that hotels which are right in the airport can actually be reached without having to ride a courtesy bus from Paris CDG. But if your hotel is not located anywhere near the airport, then you could try the bus lines which you can identify with their color-coding schemes. These buses go on journeys to more than 30 hotels from Paris Charles De Gaulle.

You also have to know that these CDG courtesy buses stop at different terminals and stations such as the Aérogare2 train station or the Terminal 2 Gare TGV. You will also learn that these buses also make their own stops at the Roissypôle for Aérogare 1. Note: that only one courtesy bus makes it stop at the Roissypôle. This bus, however, does not stop at the Aérogare 2.


Paris Charles De Gaulle Shuttle Hotel

You can travel starting from the station of the Aérogare 2 which is also called in different names such as Gare SNCF, Terminal 2 Gare TGV, and Paris par train/Paris by train. You can find this station a few steps from Terminal 2E.

In order to get to the bus station, you will have to head on to the train station first and spot the bakeshop which is called Brioche Dorée. You will find a flight of stairs and an elevator. Choose which to take in order to reach the roof. From the roof, you will find the bus station which will then bring you to your hotel.

If you are wondering about the fare rates, you must know that it really depends on certain factors such as the arrangement between the buses and the hotels. Most of the hotels in France do not charge for the courtesy bus transportation. It is part of their service to their guests.

You must remember to know the color codes for your bus transportation. As you reach the bus station, looking for the signage which says Hotels by Shuttle. This will bring you to the platform or the quai.


Travel Money In Paris

Because France is basically a member of the European Union, you must know that they are using euro as their unit of currency. You can have your money exchanged for bills or notes which are in denominations such as 5 euros, 10 euros, 2 euros, 50 euros, 100 euros, 200 euros, and more. You may also exchange for smaller denominations that go from 1 centime, 2 centimes, 5 centimes, 20 centimes, and more.

Surely you are now asking yourselves how to have your dollars exchanged for euros. Here are the following ways:


Have Home Currency Exchanged For Euros

Do you have dollars or pounds with you? No matter what your home currency is, you can always exchange that for a euro. In case you have not exchanged money from your own country, you can still have some euros by going to the bureu de change in France. Note, however, that this option may actually cost you more than necessary. The commission and interest may take up to 20% of you money.


Use Credit Card

Know that you can actually not hold any euro in your hand when you are in France. Most of the establishments in country accept payments using credit cards for as long they have computer chips.

Some banks’ credit cards can also be used for cash withdrawal. Same as a debit withdrawal, you have to check the fees that may be incurred for the transaction.

When you visit to France, make sure that your cards are ready for international transactions. Have your cards replaced by a chip-and-PIN card or a chip-and-signature card. Know more about the financial aspect of traveling to France.


Use French ATM Machines With Debit Cards

Well, you can actually bring your own ATM card from your home bank. You can easily withdraw money in euro denominations from the distributeurs des billets or ATM machines. You may also go on the Retrait for cash withdrawal. Note, however, that doing this might cause you to incur specific charges depending on the exchange rates and bank fees applicable.


For wiser transactions, here are some things to know about currency exchanges in France.

  1. The local banks in France do not offer foreign cash exchange services. You have to know that banks in France do not usually disburse cash because ATMs do it for them.
  2. Better go to the airport currency exchange office instead of having the exchange done in your own country. It would be a lot cheaper to have your local currency exchanged upon arriving in France. They usually offer lower rates than other exchange centers in the city.


The Cost Of Traveling In France

Has France always been on your bucket list? Have you always thought that it would be impossible because of great costs? Well, let us break that notion. Surely, there are some activities and experiences that may cost a lot. But there are also things that you can enjoy at inexpensive rates.

If you are to compare the value of Euro in France as compared with other European countries, you can definitely enjoy much from France. We can even assert that there are some products and activities in France that are cheaper than other countries.

Getting some pastries and drinking a cup of coffee in a Parisian café shall not be considered as a mere refreshment. You need to view it as a whole lot of entertainment and cultural experience. It’s like paying for something that gives your tummy not just good taste but also something that makes your day a lot more meaningful and memorable.

As a last reminder, we urge you to always count your change whenever you pay with cash. Never leave an establishment without fully knowing that you have received what you are entitled to get back.


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