Nice Museums: Get In For Free

You do not have to pay too much for you to visit a Nice Museums. You can get access to these museums with less than 10€ and even for free. There are fourteen Nice municipal museums which you can go for free or for less than 10€ that will be worth it while in France.

Locals are always lucky since the charges for touring in museums in Nice are much less compared to those for tourists. Locals, in fact, can access the free Nice museums like Passe Musee for three years. All they are needed to do is to come with their most recent property tax bill, rent receipt or utility bill. With any of these receipts, they can go to any Nice museum for free, but remember to come along with their ID card.


Below are some other free Nice Museum categories:

  1. Students with valid students ID irrespective of their ages
  2. Children under the age of 18
  3. Anyone under 26 years for Mars aux Musees during March
  4. Tourists are not lucky to get to the museums for free, but they will be gland because museums in Nice are underpriced.


Nice Museums

There are several ways that you can use to soften the 10€ ticket blow. One of the ways you can go about it to reduce the cost is by purchasing a Nice museum pass for seven days at 20€. With this, you will visit various museums even those you may not have gone to see during the tour. You can also buy the French Riviera Pass. This pass is inclusive of visiting more museums and other several extras. This pass has a shorter time frame, and it tends to be more expensive. Therefore it would be recommendable to buy the 7-day pass.

Another thing is that Nice museums are grouped in a theme together, and thus you can buy a pass for one museum, and it gives you a pass to several other museums. You will only be able to access the other museums using this pass within the first 48 hours. One challenge with this is that the museums are grouped quite cleverly, and thus you will get a high-interest museum in every group. You may also not get the very famous Museum in a shared group such as the Matisse Museum, and Palais Lascaris found in oddly the Old Town. The 20€ pass for one week still stands out from all these other available options.

Another thing you need to know is that the well-known Chagall Museum is not under the municipal. This museum is a National Museum, and thus it will not be covered by the pass. To get to this museums, you will be charged 8€, and it is free on very months first Sunday.

The tiny Franciscan Friar Museum is found in Cimiez Monastery, and it is among the 100% free Nice museums you will get in Nice. You will agree with me that this is amazing.

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