Navigo Transit Pass For Paris: Where To Buy, Cost And More- 2018/2019 Guide

Have you ever heard of the Navigo Pass for Paris? Well, this particular pass is a cool card which allows you to use the different modes of transportation in Paris for unlimited frequencies at specified periods. It is basically a pass that you will buy to give you access to the RER, the Métro, and the Transilien. It also gives you opportunity to travel through the city buses, the funiculars, and other modes of public transportation.


Navigo Transit Pass

With the Navigo Pass for Paris, you can definitely travel to the different places that are located in Zone 1, Zone 2, Zone 3, Zone 4, and Zone 5. You could visit the two airports of Charles-de-Gaulle and Orly. You could also explore other areas in Paris such as the Versailles, La Défense, St-Denis, and more.

There is a whole lot of adventure to explore when you have the Navigo pass. You can even visit every point in this map.

Having the pass is like having a key to the different wonders of the famous Parisian city. You will not worry about anything for as long as you have the Navigo Pass because it can bring you back to your family whom you may have left at the RER. It can bring you to the haven of pastries as you take the Metro. It can even allow you to ride a city bus and see the majestic sights of this popular place. For as long as the mode of transportation that you plan to take accepts Metro tickets, then you are sure that you can use the Navigo passes.

Currently, there is news circulating that the company is developing a more technological pass which shall be called the Smart Navigo. The new pass is being designed to be compatible for smart use using mobile phones and applications.

There is no doubt that you will truly use the Navigo pass during your entire vacation in Paris. Most of the activities in Paris are done by taking the public transport systems. By having a Navigo Pass, you are able to save money because of the unlimited frequency that it allows for travels. It can even prove to be a budget-saver in case you plan to take the RER when traveling from the city central to any Parisian airport.

What’s even more wonderful with the Navigo is that its validity goes really long. You can keep your Navigo pass for as long as ten years. That only means that you can still use it again when you decide to go back in Paris.

However, if you are visiting Paris for only a few days, we suggest that you opt to get a different pass such as the Paris Visite or the Mobilis.


Purchasing The Navigo Pass

You must know that the Navigo Pass comes in different types. Since the locals of Paris use it daily, there is a standard pass that is dedicated for long-term use of the French citizens. There is also another type which is called the Navigo Découverte which is a pass dedicated for the foreigners touring the place.  

If you have plans of purchasing a Navigo Découverte, you can just simply head on to the booths for Metro tickets. Passes are also sold at the ticketing windows of the RER, some airports, and the Transilien. The cost of the Navigo Découverte is around 5 Euros.


Photograph Requirements for the Navigo Découverte Pass 

Purchasing your own Navigo Découverte Pass would require that you submit your own photograph. In your purchase and application, you need to attach a personal image that has the following dimensions: 2.5 cm x 1 cm x 1.25 in.


To prevent the hassle, you can opt to have the following imaging solutions: 

  1. Bring the full-face image with the right dimensions in your travel luggage.
  2. You can go to the Photomaton photo booths which are located near the ticketing booths. These photo booths cost around 6 Euros and can be found in major train stations.
  3. Get the assistance of agents for the production of your own photograph.


The Navigo Pass Is Not Transferable

Note that the Navigo Passes are definitely not transferable. The purpose of submitting your own photographs is because of this rule.

Remember that only you can actually use your pass. You cannot allow other persons to use it. To increase the value, simply reload the card. In case of loss, you will have to purchase another card.


Unlimited Travel With Navigo Transit Pass

The validity of the pass starts on a Monday and ends on a Sunday. The amount that you pay for your Navigo Pass will certainly depend on the length of your card’s validity. For a Navigo Pass that is valid for a single week, the cost would be around 23 Euros. Remember that the cards are always valid from Monday to Sunday. That only means that you cannot maximize the value of your pass in case you purchase the card on a different day. The Navigo passes are being sold starting on Fridays. When you buy on Friday, the validity will start on Monday of the following week.


Navigo Pass For CDG And ORY Airport Travel

If you do not have the Navigo pass, you may be spending a highly significant amount just to transfer from Aéroport Charles de Gaulle to the center of Paris. The cost of transportation to this route is around 21 Euros. Compare that to the 23 Euros that you will pay for the unlimited travel of Navigo Pass for a week. Isn’t it wiser to just purchase the Navigo Pass and use it to travel from the CDG airport or the ORY airport to the city and vice versa? A full week of unlimited travels at a fraction of its real cost is definitely worth it!


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