Money Tips For Paris Travel In 2018/2019

Traveling almost always means spending. So if you want to make sure that you get the best experience of your travel adventure, then you better know about these money tips for Paris when traveling to France.


Money Tips For Paris, France

The Euro:

You should know by now that France is a member of the European Union. This only means that the currency used by France is the same currency used by the Euro Zone. You shall never attempt to pay using your home currency because that will never be accepted by French establishments.


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The ATMs In Paris, France:

If you need cash in Paris for your transactions, then you must know that there are a number of ATM machines distributed all across the country. Do not worry that these ATMs would only offer French instructions. Most of the ATMs that are placed around Paris are multi-lingual most particularly because of the expectation that there are millions who tour the area annually.


Tips On Using ATMs In Paris:

  1. Before you go to France, make sure that you inform your home bank that you will be traveling to the country. Most banks most especially those that are based in the United States of America create barriers to foreign cash withdrawals and other transaction particularly because of security reasons.
  2. Ask your home bank for a change of security PIN from a six-digit numeral to a four-digit numeral. Let them give you instructions on how to use the ATM for overseas transactions.
  3. Know that most cash withdrawals that will be made overseas could cost you a fraction of what you have withdrawn. Foreign transactions are usually charged beyond 5% of the total amount.
  4. It would be wise to bring more than one ATM card for certainty. You cannot travel to a foreign land without having a contingency plan. In case one of your cards do not get accepted, there is still another one to save you from distress.


Credit Card Use In Paris

Most of the establishments in Paris, most especially the reputable ones accept both Visa and MasterCard. But if you are planning to go on some street exploration, bar hopping, or thrift shopping, then your card may be of no use. It is great to have your card with you but it is still wiser to have extra cash in case the card does not get accepted for payment. In most cases you’ll be presented with the option to pay in the local currency or home currency when paying by credit card. It’s suggested that you almost always select paying in your home currency to get the best rate.


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Reminders On Credit Card Use In Paris:

  1. Whenever you travel, it would be wise to know about your bank’s surcharge rates on foreign transactions. There are different rates depending on the policy of the financial institution.
  2. Again, it is necessary that you inform your own bank that you will be traveling abroad. This is to make sure that your transactions will not be voided.
  3. Most of the establishments in Paris require credit cards with microchips. You have to make sure that your credit card is no longer the type with a magnetic stripe at the back. Have your credit card replaced with microchip-embedded ones by your home bank before traveling to Paris.


Currency Exchange In Paris

Know that it is usually wiser to get the euro currency straight from your ATM. That is particularly because some business establishments and institutions that offer currency exchange services do not provide good or even fair rates. There are also some that are charging their customers too much from the currencies exchanged on their platform. Also, make sure that you only exchange what you will be consuming or spending during your travel. Going so high above what you need could mean losing another fraction of your money’s present value because of rates, commissions, and other stuff in case you exchange it again for your home currency.


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