Is Navigo In Paris Airport: How To Travel Around Paris Like A Local – 2018/2019 Edition

If you want to explore Paris the same way as how locals enjoy their daily travels, then you have to know the different passes available. Visitors to Paris must know that there are two different rail passes.


Navigo Découverte Vs Paris Visite Pass

Paris Visite Pass

This pass is usually those that are purchased by tourists coming from the US. This can be availed online. You have to get this pass if you want your Paris transportation to flow as smoothly as possible. Having the Paris Visite Pass allows you to get special promos for entrance to museums and payments for tours.


Why Would You Choose Paris Visite Pass Over Navigo Découverte?

  • First, the Paris Visite Pass can actually be used every single day. In contrast, the NavigoDécouverte can only be used on Mondays.
  • Second, you can actually buy the Paris Visite Pass online even when you are coming from other countries across the globe.
  • Third, the best part is having special offers and promos for museum visits and city tours. You can purchase the Paris Visite in different day versions for different zones.


Navigo Découverte

In the past, there was the Carte Orange pass. Today, the name was transformed into Navigo. It is a pass that can be used in different modes of transportation such as the train, the RER, and even the Paris metro. If you plan to purchase your own Navigo pass, know that it also offers transportation access to the Charles de Gaulle (CDG) airport, Orly airport, the Chateau Versailles, Parc Disney, and other transportation modes in the suburbs of France.

You can buy the Navigo Découverte pass in different establishments located in the city. You could visit the ticketing booths of the Metro, the RER, and even the Transilien train.

Tourists are not usually encouraged to buy the Navigo pass. Although it is cheaper, there are still more uses of the Paris Visite Pass. Also, you cannot just simply use the standard Navigo pass because only the French people could actually use them. What you purchase is the Navigo Découverte.

The price of the NavigoDécouverte is around 5 Euros just for the card. You will have to load the card with the amount you will need for your transportation. The cost of traveling in Paris for one week is around 21 Euros while the cost for an entire month is about 70 Euros.

Know that you cannot just claim the card immediately because you will have to submit an attachment of a picture that measures 3 centimeters in height and 2.50 centimeters in width. Don’t worry because there are photography kiosks along the ticketing centers.

The validity of the Passe Navigo Découverte begins on a Monday. You can buy the pass from the ticketing booths of the RER station. There are also other options such as the local tabacs and ticket machines. Just make sure that you have a Euro-based credit card when purchasing from these machines. Just in case that ticket agents discourage you from buying the Navigo pass, just insist on your desire to buy it.

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