Going To Paris As A Vegan – Paris For Vegans Guide

As we take new heights into exploring different parts of the world, we also try living a healthier lifestyle by trying different diet plan like a vegan diet in Paris. And with that, restaurants try to adjust menus and food offerings according to latest diet craze or perhaps healthier diet plan when going to Paris as a vegan.


Paris For Vegans Guide

What is vegan diet?

Well, in the vegetarian diet is not just a trend or a new craze, It far from achieving the desired physique but a lifestyle to most. Vegetarianism has existed as early as ancient India existed. But the practicing of not including flesh and meat products as part of daily food consumption has almost disappeared in the spread of Christianity in the 4th 6th centuries.

Good thing, in search of people to a healthier food eating habit; people discovered that vegan practices is a better option and more humane to farm and poultry animals. This is in line with the “ahimsa” Indian belief where animals should be treated equally as humans.


Is it difficult to become a vegan?

Generally, with majority of people are meat eaters, and farm lands are often converted to buildings and city spaces, there are lesser supply for vegetables and non-meat products.

But what is good about it, vegan practitioners encourage all other vegans to grow their own food even on small apartment and condominium spaces like on pots and empty tin cans.


What if I travel to Paris, should I cook my own food?

No you do not need to. Although Paris is famous for its wine together with pasta that are often mixed with dairy products (which milk comes from cows), and well – seasoned preserved meat. Generally food in France is considered as “food for the gods”.

No need to worry about having to spend time to neither go to the market nor bring bulky (easily spoiled and often airport restricted agriculture products). The city of love has number of restaurants cater to vegans. Now, vegans in Paris can enjoy a nice meal while on long vacation, or day tour.

There are restaurants and other food shops in Paris offers the best vegan dishes without compromising the taste. French cuisine is exceptionally delicious, and with all ingredients are from the freshest fruits, vegetable, and healthy grains.

What so good about traveling to Paris as a vegan, aside from its stunning architecture, perfect romantic st up, beautiful nature, and wonderful people; Paris also offers the best food and wine! For vegans, there are also popular restaurants that offer a healthier variety of dishes.



Top 5 Vegan Friendly Restaurants In Paris

Vegebowl Paris

For exclusive vegan food in Paris choices you should hop in to Vegebowl Paris restaurant where they serve all authentic vegan foods. No fear of mixing up your food with meat products. Just pure vegetable ingredients, is used for all their dishes. You will be able to meet other vegans too!

Address: 24 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Martin, 75010 Paris, France


Gentle Gourmet

With classic gourmet food choices served with best smiles and friendly local crew. You will definitely enjoy a wide variety of lists of dishes served in Gentle Gourmet restaurant. Paris vegan foods at the restaurant are tasty and also well – presented really well that makes more appetizing and delicious.

Address: 24 Boulevard de la Bastille, 75012 Paris, France


Cloud Cakes

Yes, you read it right: cakes! The food shop that makes the best cakes, desserts, and other sweet delicacies also creates a perfect vegan cakes and dessert. You can pay a visit at the Cloud Cake and check out their sweets for vegans.

Address: 6 Rue Mandar, 75002 Paris, France


Tien Hiang

For those who wanted a different taste, you can check out an Asian restaurant at the Tien Hiang. Although, they serve meat, the restaurant also have dishes that is specifically for vegans.

Address: 14 Rue Bichat, 75010 Paris, France


Hank Pizza

Still being able to taste France’s delectable pizza, non – meat eaters can still enjoy a bite at the Hank Pizza restaurant where the crust, stuffing and toppings are all authentically unique tasty vegetables. There are also other pasta dishes that you might want to try too!

Address; 18 Rue des Gravilliers, 75003 Paris, France


There are also yearly events to watch out in Paris celebrating being a vegetarian and help spread the message for common good of other people:


La “Journée Sans Viande

Every March annually, Paris organizes a fun event supporting healthier option diet plant, where La Journée Sans Viande literally means meat out day. This is in support for vegans around Paris and raise healthy food option awareness all over the world. Although, this is not the only food fest that celebrate another way of healthier diet but this celebration celebrates and unite other vegan around Paris, both locals and tourists visiting the city of love from across the countries.

The event gather vegan practitioners together, campaigning awareness for another option of eating healthier and humanely harvesting of food consumption. This also encourages restaurants and food establishments in Paris that there a number of vegan customers where they can focus and serve new food vegetarian dishes.


Veggie Pride

Another awareness celebration for vegetarian diet practitioners is the Veggie Pride. While the Journée Sans Viande happens every March, the Veggie Pride is held ever October every year. The event is a festive celebration which runs from October 6 to October 8 and is participated with vegan enthusiast and animal violence activists. The three – day event comprises food festivity, talk and congress meetings promoting health leaving and animal cruelty awareness. This is to promote awareness and literacy for people in Paris and all over the world to give respect that is due to the animals and other living creatures. This is more than fun in food, games, and mini concerts but also for a better cause.


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