Silversea Marseille: How To Spend A Day In Marseille

The second biggest city in France in Marseille. This city is quite famous but not for the right things. The city was started 2,600 years ago by some Greeks, and its seedy character has made its reputation to grow over centuries.

People have a very bad idea of Marseille, but you may not think the same once you reach there. You may not have too much time to learn their multi-cultures, but it will be enough to see how much it can offer. Spending one day in Marseille may turn up to be the best day trip you have ever had. When going on shore from Silversea in Marseille, there’s lots to do and you can have a great time before you have to get back on the ship.

The wicked days of the city are over, and it is working so hard to reinvent itself. You will see some cutting-edge architecture, cool galleries, designer hotels and hip new restaurants all made for their visitors. All this makes it a perfect place for stop shore seekers, weekenders and even to take a day trip in Marseille.


Fast Facts About Marseille

You can easily access the city via motorway or by train. The transportation network is of the metro, trams and buses are excellent.

  • The city is made of 111 quartiers which are different and 16 arrondissements
  • In 2013 the city was Capital of Culture for the European
  • It was started 2,600 years ago and this the oldest city in France
  • The French Connection film was made in and around the city.


What To See In Marseille

La Garde is a beautiful sight to see, and it is built on Marseilles highest point. From this point, you will be able to view all the doorways and alleys of the city. It is also known as Basilique Notre Dame de la Garde.

It will be advisable to take the trip with a tourist guide from Quai du Port which will cost you around 7€. The whole journey to and from together with the one-kilometer climb will take you around one hour and fifteen minutes. You can, however, take a bus, a taxi or go there by foot which will take you around thirty minutes.

Once you get close, you will realize that Romano-Byzantine is almost similar to the Brunelleschi’s Il Duomo which is in Florence especially because it’s multiple colors. It however not that old since the recent basilica was made in between the year 1853 and 1864. It was made by Henri-Jacques Espérandieu, an architect from Marseille.

The highlight of the basilica is the Virgin Mary statue that is made of gold leaf. The statute is 9.7m, and you can see the pedestal it glinting on the bell towers top. The pedestal which is 12m high. People from the local community call it the good mother or the la bonne mere, and they see her as the cities guardian.

It is still possible to view the basilica 360 degrees without even getting into the cathedral. Go to the ancient vantage in Marseille, and I promise you that it is worth it. Carry your telescope or camera to capture the moments.


What To Do In Marseille

Vieux-Port is an old port in the city, and it has managed to stay as the Marseille’s watery heart. Every end of the entrance have a fort, and the yachts and fishing boats bobbing on the blue waters makes the sight fun to view.

Enjoy your early mornings at Quai des Belges. It is such an excellent way to start your day in this local fish market that is quite lively. This is an institution in Marseille which is opened from 8.00am to 1.00pm.

You will get fresh grouper, bream and red mullet which have just come from the boat. You will meet up with locals in the market as you check other things they have on their menu. Before you go to the next place, ensure you have a taste of oyster from the fresh saltwater. The oysters are natural and delicious since they are not rinsed at all.


What To Eat In Marseille

The best dish you will have in Marseille is savory stew bouillabaisse fish. The secret to having the most delicious stew is to avoid the cheap version. The best stew will cost you from €25 and above. It can be hard to get an authentic experience of bouillabaisse in many tourist traps, but it will be worth the search during your one day trip in Marseille from Silversea.

In the old port, you will find Le Miramar. This restaurant has a harbor-side setting that is quite attractive. Every months’ third Thursday there are some cookery classes on top of serving traditional bouillabaisse.

There are other choices for cultural dining for people who do not like having fish stews. You can have Far Eastern, African and Italian joints. From this choices, you will be sure to get something of your preference.


What To Buy In Marseille

Savon de Marseille is one of the most popular export in the city. This is a white or green soap made with either palm oil or olive oil. The soap is then stamped Savon de Marseille carefully by hand.

The soap was produced in the 9th century in Marseille. Its properties are unique. The story has it that it is made from the direct result of the salty sea, mistral wind and the fierce sun in Marseille. This is a great thing to buy for those on Silversea in Marseille.

Just like any other thing the soap has been imitated, and you will know them because they are cheaper than the original. The left authentic soap makers of Marseille are less than five.

Avoid buying fake Marseille soaps by buying in authentic shops. One of them is at Vieux/ Panier Port districts at La Grande Savonnaire.

This is the best place to buy the soap, and you may also be given a bona fide bar. You will have a chance to participate in one of the cities traditions and stamp the bar for yourself.

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