Getting From Paris To South Of France – Nice, Monaco And Cannes

Paris is probably is the most classic and sophisticated one tourist may ever visit for a vacation. With the amazing natural scenery and incredible architectures to which have stood there since the early era of moors and monarch, you cannot resist Paris’ charm.

Aside from the beautiful city lights of the Eiffel Tower, towering old churches, and romantic view of French Riviera when going from Paris to south of France; The Provence shows majestic lavender fields that you can almost smell heavenly soft aroma from acre of lavender as far as your eyes can see.

It pays well to visit Paris and South of France. Day trips can be done around the urbanized city of Paris where the day is quite active for tourists exploring pieces and structure of history from museums to another museums, cathedrals, historical sites, and exquisite chic boutiques too!

Southern France is just few hours trip down south where another beauty of France may surprise you. The gorgeous nature unravels as you pass the greenly land area, bluish mountainous covers, and colorful flower fields are such a breathless sight to see in spring and summer! That would be another story if you will have to take the same route on autumn and winter, you will find yourself like trapped in a different fairy tale world when getting from Paris to Nice, France.

Ideally, it is best to visit Paris and cross region to Southern region of France. This is to maximize young long weekend. You can allot around five to seven days for your ultimate Paris and Southern France vacation trip. Below we’ll explain how to get from Paris to south of France including Monaco, Nice and Cannes.


Getting From Paris To South Of France – Nice, Monaco And Cannes

Travel By Land To South Of France From Paris

Option A – Car

You can either drive your own car from crossing the region when getting to south of France from Paris, but if you came from other countries and you want to savor each stops on beautiful places in Europe; there are car rentals and coached can be accessed in Paris district and Southern France too. Make sure to get a good standard deal for rental fee. Makes sure also you are dealing with legitimate car rental companies when getting from Paris to Monaco.


Option B – Train

Paris’s main transport relies mostly in train transportation. It is easier and safer. However, you can only carry limited luggage on your cross country adventure. Anyways, train ride can also be part of your vacation itinerary because you will be able to pass amazing nature view and few buzzing city spaces.

Train ticket price is also cheaper as compared to other modes of transportation services in France. First, you need to purchase ticket which routes from Paris to Nice train stations. Travel time can run about a little over than six hours or more from Paris to Nice by train. While allot around 15 to 25 minutes train station from transfer Marseilles or Lyson (which ever you preferred to pass).

The TVG train company sells two types of train ticket routing Paris to Nice; first for premium passengers costing around $250, and on the other hand second class seat is around $150 to $180 (depending on the location inside the train).

Another route would be from Paris to Marseilles, using same train company will take more than 3 hours, plus additional allotted time for train and station transfers. Going to Provence from Aix route can cost about $130 to $150 from second class ticket and $200 to $250 for first class one.

The route from Paris to Avignon meanwhile can only take up to more than two hours, more conveniently because there are no train transfer needed. This will only cast about $115 to $150 for second class, and $195 to $250. Another route is from Paris to Montpellier for more than 3 hours travel time. Second class ticket if worth only $130 and first class is about $220.


Paris To South Of France By Plane

The Cote d’Azur Airport in Nice, France also boasts a well – organized and large airport space. However, the airport has to handle millions of passengers and thousands of airplane flights passing through the international airport.

The airport Nice is the closest jump off to world famous tourist destination around Southern France. From Cote d’Azur Airport, you can visit nearby tourist destination places like the Avignon, Promenade des Anglais, French Riviera, and a lot more. Flight prices can vary from $115 up to high as $700, depending on the flight demands.

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